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Lil down!!! :O

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by lil, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. I just came off my wheeled toy

    That's right.....I fell off my 5 wheeled office chair :oops:

    It's sad to be me right now....

    ....simple things and all..... :oops: :LOL:
  2. Shame on you, lil :evil:

    You scared the crap out of me :shock:


    edit: obviously your mistake was getting on something with 5 wheels instead of 2
  3. ahahah aha ah haha a... :LOL:

    dont feel bad I've done that before... :wink:
  4. Cheer up. I recently crashed my exercise bike, trying to do wheelies. :oops:
  5. You GOOSE!
  6. i've flown 5 feet up, & 7 feet out of my wheel chair.
  7. Diesel on carpet?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. It's really Stookie's fault....he tried to walk away (or maybe he was trying to run :shock: :LOL: ) when I hadn't finished cuddling him. I went down with a big bang :LOL: :LOL:
  9. That's one way to celebrate your 1,500th post on Netrider.

    {Funny, I don't remember your office floor having a slope? :? :LOL:}.
  10. yeah yeah. blame jay. that's what he's there for.

    i keep a policy of sitting on the floor wherever poss - less distance to fall :grin: part of a 'defensive sitting' course i did :p
  11. That was a more funny ending that I expected LOL... Well at least it wasnt serious, how's the chair?:p
  12. bet you she broke it....BAD GIRL
  13. I wasn't badly injured as I was wearing my leathers (getting ready to go to mum's for dinner.....actually, they never came off after the ride today :oops: ). The chair is fine...not a scratch on her ( maybe they should carpet more of our roads....save on scratch repairs :LOL: ).

    Time for a glass of wine :twisted:
  14. Can you get training wheels for office chairs?? :grin:
  15. Sorry to here about the off Lil.
    Maybe its time to give up on chairs for a while until you get some confidence back. :p
  16. Oh man Lil! I saw the heading and went :arrow: :(

    But that quickly turned to :LOL:

    Was good to see you today. :)
  17. If your gonna crash a chair, at least crash a decent one... :grin:

  18. Lil thats funny. So are all the replies. Have to say I am relieved. whew! :grin:
  19. Geez Lil, don't scare the cr@p out of me like that again :evil:

    BTW: you have got fully comprehensive insurance right? :grin: I hope it is agreed value :LOL:
  20. This has given me a chuckle. Its funny how many people you suck in when they don't look at what forum a thread is under!! :twisted: :p :LOL:

    Thanks for your concern and well wishes.....I'll be back on my arse soon :wink: :p