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Lil and Stookie are at it again!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Now that I've just started riding again =D> , number two is on the way! :dance: :woot: :beer: (maybe none of the last for me!)

    Wee wee wee stookie is due 24th June, so look out world!!

  2. congrats guys:applause:
  3. congratulations, again =D>=D>
  4. Congratulations, Stookie and Lil - that's great news :)
  5. Congrats, wish I could share the same news :)
  6. Sorry.. I almost read that as if you were about to Cra..! 8-[

    Anyway... congrats!!
  7. Congratulations Stookie and Lil. I hope it all goes well for your Winter baby.

    Shame about the riding, but I guess you will get back to it eventually.
  8. gratz guys, awesome news.
  9. Congrats !
  10. well done!
    do the babies like the music of suade ?