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like xmas eve all over again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. I'm picking my bike up today, guys. it's getting exciting
    I haven't ridden it since the first week of December, when my ignition switch died. it took me a month to book it in, and the last three months waiting for an ignition switch from Aprilia.

    I couldn't ride it during November because I was waiting on a speedo sensor after my previous mechanic destroyed it installing a new back tire.
    I couldn't ride it during October cause i was off gallavanting around the states.
    I coudn't ride it August or September because of the slight matter of a licence suspension.

    you ever have vague memories of a former lover? hazed by time? that's how i feel about riding my bike. i know it's only a little learner bike, but i've missed the little runt, and that little 2stroke zoom.

    here is my list of things i've done to pass the time in it's absence
    -finally got my Ps for the car (scored 103 out of 100, aced it)(without bribes or 'favours' this time, too)
    -rediscovered irish whiskey
    -rediscovered women
    -Riding Spirits2 on PS2 (although some days even this was too painful to watch)
    -worked on my loathing of public transport
    -buying carbon fibre crap for my bike off ebay.uk
    -GLARING at every rider i saw on a beautiful sunny day over summer, muttering something about "smug fcuks"
    -venting at the new italian guy at work "you fcuking wino soccer-fag italians, why can't you guys keep your shit together???"

    so yeah. feeling like i should really be putting an L plate on or something. yet i get my full licence in two months. so i'll be taking it easy, though i have a track day waiting for me (my mate got me a red-balloon gift for my birthday). hope y'all had a great summer and are enjoying the full benefits of jap-crap reliability.
    see you on the road, soon

  2. haha not me
  3. merry xmas to you too you smug f&@%*
    (sorry couldnt let the opportunity pass me by)

  4. Congrats on getting yourself back on 2 wheels !!
    Damn :? It takes that long to get a part for a 2 year old Aprilia ????

    So glad I have a honda :wink:
  5. I havent had any problems with any of my bikes, sad to say you have,
  6. running problems? you gotta give your bike some credit, it's got a few years on it. but at least your licence is safe

    all good. i'm posting a cheque to Santa, see if i can bribe me some of the pearl-white 848 action :)

    i'm actually a you know, RIDER again. i can give the nod without some poor bastard going weird and freaking out at some pedestrian on the footpath!
    Aus importers of Aprilia are crackheads. bike was less then a year old when it broke (Dec 2006 plate). I've sent emails to Aprilia in Italy saying i'm going to need some gleaming examples of customer service in making this right if i'm ever going to purchase one of their products again. still waiting for their reply

    my bike is fcuking haunted. and cursed. i think it was manufactured on an italian indian burial ground
  7. ^^^i was thinking of buying one, not anymore, shame, the aprilia models are nice bikes.
  8. they are nice little things, for a learner bike. like little supermodels.
    great looking but ball-breakingly hard to live with

    and anyway, there's months of backlog orders for the 125. i think Rotax is having troubles supplying all those little engines. So apparently, my 2nd hand market value has gone up, i'm considering selling off if Aprilia HQ don't somehow 'appease' me