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Like the phoenix I have been reborn

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dirty TRiX, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. And no, I've not turned godbotherer.....

    New bike deserved a new name, so if you're wondering how this newbie got a thousand posts and knows all about you, dont worry/

    I'm not really a stalker..... I dont steal your undies off the washing line.... (well not unless they're the frilly red ones)... I just happen to be someone you may already know.

    Welcome me back from my therapy with wide open arms and a netrider group hug.
  2. Hopefully im not going to self immolate though.....
  3. group hug....

    (does a hug from one person count as a group hug????? maybe not)
  4. Just have to wait for the others..... then it will be a group hug.

    1998 posts.... quick post some crap....

    Or are you planning on making 2000 special?
  5. well gee, 2000 is special......like me
  6. Welcome, err, back, I guess, mate!!

    {offers another arm for the slowly-forming group hug...}
  7. oh darn it lets just get this 2000 thing out of the way......


    happy now??
  8. ...only 13,115 to go :wink; :p :LOL:.
  9. No... edit it and come back when you've got it right.....
  10. jeez, you people are too fast for an old bloke :LOL:.
  11. but then, i will never be able to go back to 2000 again. what's the point.

    i'll just have to think quick for 3000
  12. You can edit it... but will it be post 2000? I've never checked....
  13. Hahaahaha.. Here I was thinking that someone had stolen your Avatar pic Slow. I'm so confused now.....

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.