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Like riding a bike ......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Day, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Well, tonight was the first chance I had to hop on the bike since being knocked off nearly a year a go. I could have got on earlier but when I tried to go for a ride, a dud battery blew my chance. A great friend who is a mechanic loaned me the stuff to diagnose this as the problem, and as soon as I could afford a new one I did, installing it yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to do anything other than give it a test fire up. It worked. I was stoked. :)

    Then, this evening I finally had a chance to hop on and take it for a blat. How quick the joy comes back!!! :D I had begun to worry that I had I had been scared off and that I was starting to make excuses as to why I didn't need to get on. This was all cleared from my head tonight.

    The only down side was the nice new KBC I had got to replace my last damaged in the off, is now covered in bugs. 8-[

    Joy. :D
  2. welcome back day :D

    seems like yesterday it all happened - good to hear you're back on like you never got off :D

  3. Cheers Hols. Now to get the skills back up and refresh the awareness. :) Then maybe a couple of Netrider trips. :D

    .... baby steps.. perhaps. :)
  4. Great news, enjoy your riding
  5. welcome back to the road indeed, it's painful seeing the beast in the shed for months on end and not being able to take it out, isn't it?
  6. Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if the netriders of melbourne would appreciate having someone on the inside in their company. All the best with the riding.
  7. Welcome back Day. Doesnt matter how long you've been away from riding. A real rider still gets the same feeling. And it feels goood!
  8. I'm not sure of the details as to why you stayed off the bike for a while (accident I assume?) but it's great to hear you finally got back on. (y)
  9. Like riding a bike - you never forget... but you sure as hell can get rusty.
  10. Thanks team. It is great being back on again and it is great having a place to share the feeling with those in the know. \\:D/

    Nucleotide, yep, you're right, it was an accident. I hink I could have got back on earlier but things seemed to stand in the way. And thanks too.


  11. Ha, same thing happened to dad and myself when we went to ride yesterday. 2 bikes, 2 flat batteries - although his is probably shot, as it goes flat within days.

    Damn rain. It was nice to not have completely forgotten how to ride though. :D
  12. Well! That didn't last long. :(

    Further issues with injuries kept me off for longer than expected. Intense work with my physio and Dr have me to a level where I could try again, so tried to start it the other day, but of course the battery was flat. left it on charge and kicked it over this arvo. Bingo! Gave it a good tubs and dug out my gear.

    Worried aout being extra rusty. Gee there are some great roads near me, either bumpy and straight or windy and smooth. :D

    It was a great arvo for a ride. Not much traffic. Passed one p-plater out doing the same. Gave a thumbs up as I passed as I needed to express some happiness and didn't want to be the cause of another n********g thread.

    Got home safe and the best bit was that I wasn't too sore. Which means more efforts to come. It had been hard reading about others being out and about and not being able to do the same. I have a greater empathy for those who have to spend time of their bikes too. I am just greatful that it wasn't worse.


    Keep away from the Smidsy crowd.