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Like moths to the flame..!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kris, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Hi All!
    Just a quick hello from yet another newby. I've been on my 'L's since Friday, picked up my zzr250 on Monday and have been testing the waters in the traffic since.
    Yesterday (my first ride on the bike) I thought I'd keep to the back streets of suburbia til I was comfy, but that plan got the arse pretty quickly as I accidently emerged into Warrigal Rd in Oakleigh at around 5pm...bugger! It's amazing how lost you can get when you're learning!
    The traffic was ok though. My brainbox was racing, trying to keep me peepers on every car, truck, pedestrian, traffic light, sign and lane marking. Stuff you take for granted in a comfy cage.
    Ended up on Burwood Highway, got up to 80kph (jeez that feels quick your first time!), and headed home for a quick breather.
    This morning I went up Mountain Rd into the Dandenongs which was AMAZING! A short ride, bugger-all traffic and a great bit of practise for my very lame cornering skills.
    And when I'm not riding now, I'm thinking about riding!
    Nearly time for another spin me-thinks!
    Anyway, Hello everyone, nice to meet you,

  2. Half your luck to be out and riding in the middle of the day. Welcome and have fun.
  3. Tony's on line, so I'll let him make his usual response, but welcome to the most enjoyable madness known to man, Kris :grin:
  4. great description of the feeling most of us (if not all) go through when we first get our grubby hands on the new toy...

    cheer stewy
  5. hehe yeah I can relate....one of the first times out on the road for me and I was trying to stick to the quiet back roads in an area I was not familar with....took a turn and next thing I know I'm on a major highway with a speed limit of 80 :shock:

    Sorta crawled down the curb and took the next side road I could find :p...it all becomes relative though after a while.
  6. 'accidently emerged' :) Bugger indeed :wink: I'm sure they teach u-turn's at the l's courses :LOL: Good on you for pressing ahead regardless, and enjoying yourself with a big frin. Welcome to Netrider :)
  7. Nothing like jumping in the deep end for learning :LOL:. You should be ready for anything now.
  8. Way to go Kris, welcome aboard.

    My first day out on a rented bike before i even bought my ZZR (good choice btw), was with a 'friend' who thought he'd take me out on some nice country sweepers at a lazy 80-100k. i think my brain turned to jelly and started seeping out my ears :D
  9. Welcome to the forums, and nice work on the first ride :D

  10. Good on ya Kris :wink:

    It gets abit like that eh. Always thinking about the next
    opportunity U can ride!

    Cant get enuf of it!
  11. Hows the bike going?
    I have had my zzr for just over a month now. Apart from a battery problem when I first got it, it runs well. One things I have found is that take off from a stationary stop is not all that quick.... But that may be just me the learner not knowing how to do it quickly.....
  12. Its a 250 bro

    Have yet to come across a 250 that has quick take off
  13. sigh... then i need a bigger bike
  14. Define 'quick', mine takes off plenty quick enough for me. I'm sure a 250cc scooter would also take off more than fast enough.
  15. Great to hear you had a great time.

    I still remember my first few rides. Thinking that I was doing an absolute blistering speed, until I looked down and noticed that I was doing just over 50. :LOL:

    Anyhoo, welcome to Netrider, and keep up the riding. :p :p
  16. As for the zzr250... I've only been on it a couple of days, and only ridden the trainee cb250 before that, so I don't feel overly-qualified with my opinion yet! I love how easy it is to ride though. And I'm already glad I got it instead of anything less sporty. The speed off the line ain't great, but I guess that'll just teach me to make the best of what I've got for now.
    Anyway, for what it's worth, I reckon it's a great learner bike!
    Thanks for the greets folks,
  17. Yeah, the ZZR250 is not a bad first bike. It would not've been my first choice, but then then again who am I to judge, I haven't even bought a bike yet. :p

    Although the ZZR250 like most other "sports" bikes out there have crap turning circles and you'll find that your hand will be jammed up right against the bike when attempting U-turns. Something to think about before taking one into a test.

  18. You took me back to when I got my first bike in Canberra (Yamaha 125 AS1 two stroke twin).

    I think I went through about six tanks of petrol in the first few days and seemed to end up miles from where I started to go. (come to think of it, that still happens sometimes :LOL: )

    You'll be amazed at how fast your riding will improve and your confidence builds over the first few weeks. Don't be put off by weather like this morning (wet in Melbourne for all you interstaters :p ) , get out there in all weathers (just take it carefully) and you'll be a better rider for it.

    Welcome to this madhouse and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from here on in (and some of it will even be useful :LOL: :LOL: )

  19. the yamaha TZR250 two stroke took off plenty quickly enough, also left anyone behind in a cloud of blue smoke :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I thought my little 250 took off at reasonable speed until I sat at a set of lights with a R1 and a XJR1300...

    I can remember i had my licence for 3 moths before i got my bike and i got a friend to ride it throught the city for me as hadnt even sat on a bike for that long...I ended up on Toorak Road and I swear you could nearly smell my fear - but once you're there and you're riding your bike, you think its not so bad...

    I can remember getting butterflies everytime I got on my bike as I was so excited to be getting on my own bike...its a great feeling, and a year later I'm still learning and getting more confortable and more confident...but i still get excited about getting on my bike...never ever felt that way about a car...