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Like Chili?? Try this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, May 11, 2005.

  1. :shock: holy crapshaith!!! i gotta get me some of that :shock:

    i've got this stuff at home called "knock your socks off" which is pretty insane. i can eat a jar of jalepenos and still not be on fire like a chip lightly dipped in this stuff. and this stuff would probly be considered mild to some ppls :shock:

    but the stuff in that article sounds awesome. i wonder how many talking cyotes would tell you to find your soulmate after a bit of that? i'm game :D
  2. C'mon Voyager, waiting for your entry here.

    OK, back at Uni I did some work with capsaicin which is the purified extract from chili. Voyager bought a vial of it for barbeques and stuff. It doesnt get any hotter than the pure stuff I'm afraid.
  3. :shock: That's some scary sh!t !! :shock:

    Being a hairy-chested man, I want to try it really badly. Just so I could say I did it and lived :LOL: :eek: .
  4. Chili???

    I searched through all these posts and I can't find any reference to Pierfrancesco Chili at all!
    Are you guys nuts or something, or did I stumble onto a cooking forum????
  5. I like my chilli but I do like to taste my food as well and with something like that you are not going to taste anything for ages. Let alone being able to see or function in a coherent manner.
  6. nothing out of the ordinary here :LOL:

    i say bring it on, i havn't had tears from the burning in years. gimme gimme :D
  7. Know what? I reckon we need our own chilli cook-off. Get some basic rules together, must contain meat, chilli and kidney beans, something like that.

    Get everyone together one Saturday and get three judges together to pick a winner based on flavour and heat ( a pure tounge-melter with no real flavour would not score highly). Everyone else can eat which ever one they like and drink beer (drinking beer in mandatory for all male attendees).

    We could call it the "Burning Ring of Fire" award or something.

    And yes, I'm serious :twisted: .
  8. Yeah, I have a 1 Million scoville unit bottle of "black gold". I can get 2.5 Million SU bottles too, but they're bloody expensive.

    Ask Chairman about my ability to choose some seriously hot sauces...

    My recommendations:

    #4 - Satan's Ringstinger (its not as hot as the rest, but since its MY recipe, it gets a mention)
    #3 - Oz Chillimans "Widow Maker" (WA company)
    #2 - Redback "Pleasure & Pain" (out in Jindivick, VIC)
    #1 - Chilliworks "Habanero Paste" (Sydney somewhere, I think)

    Any of these are going to be seriously painful.

    Anyone who wants to claim "I Ate It And Lived" - I'll bring the Pleaseure & Pain, and the Mad Dogs Revenge (the "black gold") along to next weeks Westies Coffee. I accept -NO- responsibility for people doing themselves any damage. One of the guys here tried the Mad Dog - he felt it hurt as it moved through his system over the next 5 hours...
  9. Maybe the police could use that stuff as there new 'pepper spray'??? :LOL:
  10. Why restrict it? Its a CHILLI cook-off, not a baked bean reheating night

    But it WOULD be extremely entertaining. Give me at least 3 days notice - my Texan Terror needs that long to mature...
  11. Yeah.. Goodonya, another excellent event I can't partake of due to my location.... :?
    Rub it in why don't ya!!! :(
    Next it'll be "Home brew tasting" then "Pavlova tasting", and "Pancake cook-offs"


  12. All we need is a good postpack and an Australia Post dangerous goods declaration form :p
  13. Fairly certain you're talking about this http://www.thechillifactory.com/getProduct.php?id=2

    Frigging great stuff. They sell at most of the local markets around the traps in Sydney.

    Bunch of other sauces they makes, but this stuff is great for cleaning out the sinuses.

    Just got another 3 bottles of it on Sunday down the Manly Markets.
  14. Talking to Steve, he's already put his hand up to enter a chilli so it looks like this could go ahead. I'll give it a shot too.

    And like Steve already said, the ingredients can vary but I think vegetarian dishes should be banned. In fact, they are, I just decided it.

    So, meat and chilli, the rest is open to your violently sadistic tendencies.

    I'll even offer the dubious luxury of Casa Del Jake as the venue.

    We need three judges and many chilli dishes. Could do it in, say, two-three weeks (as long as it doesn't clash with my track day 28/5)?

    Whos in?
  15. oooh ooooooooh!!!! me :D

    not as a judge tho, i mean i can eat jalepenos, but real chilli is a struggle still. i'll stick to no pressure eating and try and come up with a ripper of a recipe. my sisters fiance might be up for it tho, he barely broke a sweat with my knock your socks off gear....

    and i'm with deyago, no pansy assed vegitarian dishes, chilli NEEDS meat :twisted:

    beer, meat and chilli..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
  16. I'm definately in! Put me down for an entry AND a couple of home-made sauces. Not the hottest in the world, but nice and tasty nonetheless. I'll also bring along whatever nastiness... uh.. I mean GOODness... that I can find in my cupboard (warning - about a large boxful of various chili products, including chili chocolate).

    Oh, and that link - not the exact stuff, but probably about the same in the pain stakes.
  17. ergggg. i TRY to eat chili but i freak out and burn. i can't handle anything. my friends dad sounds like you lot. he grows THE HOTTEST chillis i have ever tatsted. damn they were nuts. and night rider, i think the cops "capsicum" spray is actually this stuff, albeit in a non damaging concentration. jut a very very painful concentration. although there was a time when i saw a guy get shot with capsicum spray in the face and not even flinch. may have been cause he was very very stoned at the time.

  18. I LOOOOOVE chili chocolate, that and the local (mild but tasty) chili jams

    Chili and blueberry, chili and raspberry, chili and strawberry, mmmmmmm.

  19. I perfer not to eat food that requires extra toilet stops when I'm riding.