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Lightweight Batteries

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by SPJ, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Who has the best deals on these in Melbourne ??

  2. I got mine on eBay
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    Independent Battery Distributors in Laverton Stock SSB Supersport Lithium Ion Motorbike batteries, good range not sure what their prices are like.

    Independant Battery DistributorsUnit
    3 / 1 Westside Drive
    Tel: (03) 9315 2430
    Fax: (03) 9315 3590
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  5. I got my SSB from Slipstream Performance, currently $170 shipped for the LFP14H-BS from their eBay store.

    FYI if you don't already have a lithium battery: SSB batteries don't ship with any foam to fill out the compartment. I had to reuse the stuff from my old Shorai.
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    Not sure about that particular model but mine came with some plastic raiser thingys.

    Length and width is the same size as my oem but it was a bit shorter but came with plastic blocks that sticks to the bottom raise them up to about stock dimensions.
  7. My SSB from Slipstream came with the foamy bits. My battery though is the smaller LFP5L-BS
  8. Fair enough. Mine was the LFP12B4, in my bike it needed a chunk of foam about 40mm thick to pack it in. It only came with like four little bits of adhesive-backed foam maybe 3-4mm thick, handy but nowhere near enough.
  9. Ahh for mine it's the same length and width as the old lead acid, just shorter. So for the four bits of foam, stacked one on the other for two colums of foam with a gap in the middle.
  10. I purchased a SSB for my old zx6r 636 ninja of eBay seller.

    Package arrived, I'm thinking that was quick, took hold of it thinking what is it.
    Only was waiting on a battery for my bike and this can't be the battery.

    I opened it up, yep battery, thinking it feels hollow, looked underneath and it has a hole in each corner.
    Thinking great I've been stitched up with a empty battery case.
    Though why go through hassle sending instructions with it though.
    I grabbed my multimeter out and volts tested 14v.
    Thinking OK it has volts, hooked it up to bike and tested if it had amps to crank it.
    Wow sure did, cranked it like nothing.

    Very impressive.
    So light and works extremely well.
    I still can't get over how light it is.

    Messaged the seller to see if he had one to suit my BA Turbo Falcon, sadly no was his reply.