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Lightweight 250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Clayt0nB, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I have not got my L's yet but today I did some riding on my girlfriends dads KTM EXC500 with motard tyres , I only want a 250 but the 500 wasn't hard to learn on because of the torque in the idle .

    The problem I have is that the exc is 110kg and im not a big guy (55kg, 170) so I had a little bit of trouble with the weight and i know that 110 is light for a bike. Also i know that the center of gravity is higher on a dirt bike than a sport.

    I was originally looking at something like a gpx, ninja, cbr or vtr, do you know about the weights of them? Should i look at some 250 motards.

    Would the lower center of gravity make it much easier on a sport even if it is 100kg heavier?
  2. As a 17 year old, I was about your weight and a bit taller.
    I worked in a motorcycle shop doing assembly work and warehouse stuff so was required to haul all kinds of bikes around.
    It's just a matter of practice or familiarity if you like.
    Having said that the KTM EXC500 is a tall bike. Really, really tall.
    I don't see that you would have any problems handling any of the learner approved bikes.
  3. um to memory the dry weight of the ninja/gpx's is around 150kgs
  4. I'm about your size and weight and have been learning on a KTM Duke 200. It's about 140kg and it's easy to manage after the first couple of days.

    They're also putting out a 390 soon, which looks pretty ace. The 200 is fun but a little gutless as you would expect.
  5. I am 180cm and at the time I purchased my 250 Across, I was around 55kg. Didn't feel heavy to me and the Across is one of the heavier 250s out there (tipping the scales at around 180kg wet).
  6. 110kg is light for any MC.

    as long as you can put both feet on the ground in a solid way, you'll be fine with 110kg.
  7. I know, its not that bad now that I have ridden it more.

    - I can barely tippie toe both feet, seat height it 970 or something. + the suspension is tuned for someone double my weight.

    I think I said more/someone else said something in this thread a while ago but it seems 3/4 of the posts have disappeared? Not sure whats up with that.

    Also, as I tried to say earlier but the post didn't go through; the 390 looks super nice but since they are only just coming out I will not be able to afford it, maybe as some come through second hand I will consider it.
  8. My GPX is 138kg dry, and very very light.

    Ps. Mine is for sale also. :happy:
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  9. Seen yours for sale, looks stunning :)
  10. Bottom line

    110kgs for a bike is NOTHING.....

    Most/All 250's will be 140 - 160kgs +

    A twofiddy - parallel, V-twin or inline 4 will behave VERY differently to a "bigger bore" single dirty like the KTM EXC500......

    That being said - the weight of a bike - although daunting at first - becomes a comfort very quickly.
  11. I am in favor of KTM's duke. The 390 is in my top 3 consideration for my next bike because it is light (about 150kg wet) and the P/W ratio.
  12. Go to a few dealerships and just sit on the bikes you might fancy. You'll soon find out you can put your feet on the ground with just about any 'sports' streetbike. For comparison with the KTM you tried, the CBR250R has a seat height of only 78cm.
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  13. I am guessing you mean you struggled with the weight when stopping/starting? If so, it is the height that you probably struggled with more than the weight. I am around your weight but around 6cms shorter. Street Triple at 190kg and 80cm seat height? Fine. 450EXC motard at 120ishkg and 90+cm seat? Whole different world. 60-70kg less, yeah, but when you've only got the tip of one foot down...
  14. Once again, I covered this in this thread but I really don't know why half the posts were removed.

    Yeah, I think you are right about the height. The seat is 970 compared to a vtr or most sport 250s which are ~750.

    The weight, after getting used to it a few more times really isn't the issue, I can pick the bike up easily too.
  15. I'm 75kg and 177cm and being able to comfortably put my foot down flat was one of my main criteria when looking for a new bike. Trying to stay upright when stationary at lights or even parking etc wasn't something I wanted to have to think about while new to riding. The Inazuma is 183kg wet but seat under 80cm means I can put both feet down flat and it's well balanced so the weight isn't a factor.