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lights out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by barnacle, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Sooo...
    my low beam headlight keeps blowing on my frx250. Tested the conections and get plus or minus the right volts n amps. Peak revs gets abit high 13.8v . But what else could I be missing. I lose a bolb every three months :(. Cant find any shorts just jiggling the looms around. Ps I just had a huntsman crawl arcoss my face turning onto canterbury rd today. Unrelated but my hands didnt stop shaking for an hour :p. Thought ide share?

  2. using good quality bulbs? cheaper bulbs, thinner filaments, break easier.. etc
    is the headlight secure, ie not vibrating around?

    13.8V sounds normal while engine is running.
  3. Yeah not cheap bulbs I got a couple of tweenty thirty dollar numbers last time I was at auto pro. True that I got the stupid ones that claim to be more blue then the sky. The bikini faring take s a beating mounted onto the struts with but a peice of rubber shimming on the bolts. Above the unsprung load though so its not getting any better.
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    if you're going through that many, give these guys a go :) about $40 a pair for what you'd pay 60-90 at supercrap, eg
    Everyone has their favourites, but I've always had good luck with Philips bulbs (whatever the biggest "Plus" is before they start putting too much blue tint :p, ie their X-treme series)

    fwiw, the bulbs with dark blue bands (to make the light "whiter" or "higher K") are reducing the output of light..

    it could just be the roads you ride, with the bumps they have, tend to knock the heck out of the filaments
    (ps.. you know not to touch the glass of the bulbs? :) )
  5. Have you checked for shorts when steering is at full lock?
  6. To ask the obvious, you're not sticking your fingers on the globe when you change it are you?
  7. +1 for not touching the bulb, and checking for vibration.
  8. Haha, yeah no touching the bulb. I learnt that the hard way in first year of mechanics with a seventy dollar bulb. Just pulled out the last bulb and the base (glass bit of it) is covered in hairline fractures. Its got a big blown spot like I touched it though :(. Maybe I just buy a heap of cheap bulbs and ad as many rubber gromets the mounting bolts? Not like the low beam does much illuminating with even fancy bulbs.