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Lights dimming while under throttle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Willzah, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. CBR250RR '99 everythign on bike is same as i bought it (stock) cept for batt, which has been in there for about a year. problems started around a month ago

    had a electrical problem, bike wouldnt start. checked connections, found there was water between the neg terminal of batt and connector to bike. fixed that. fully charged the batt, added some batt reconditioner too. batt was bought around same time last year. Yusa? batt.

    Tested R/R acording to link out of the perthstreetbikes forum (link)

    Everything turned out fine.
    Batt sits around 12.63V when charged.
    when starting it drops to 8v and jumps back up to 10.5v when started. then climbs up to 11v by 5 secs.
    at idle about 12~13v
    when reving it jumps up to 14v nothing over 14.5 then when i hit 5000rpms its about 13.5~13.8v

    I went on the Tues learner ride, went TEC so nothing too fast, but not a snail speed. had no problems during the whole ride, not even at midpoint.

    after staying at the diner for a while, started her up and left for the freeway. just before i got on the bolte, i got a cramp in my thigh, pulled over side stand, left her idling indicator on. Streched the leg out and stayed for about 5 mins tops. jumped back on forgot sidestand, kicked into gear and sidestand kill kicks in. sidestand up start her up jump back onto freeway. over bolte, went to overtake a truck and noticed that my inidicator was flashing very fast. i went oh sh*t not this again, decided to take kings way because roadworks on monash. at kingsway off ramp lights, i noticed that when i rev'd the dash and headlights were dimming, the indicators flashed faster and at idle they are brighter and flash normal. stopped at another 2 sets of lights and it went away.

    I've had it happen before, the indicators flashign faster when i rev'd it and went away after a while.

    any ideas? should i get a R/R from a R1 or GSXR and where can i get battery load tested?

    edit: tried to search "electrical lights dim throttle" but got "The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: dim" and couldnt find anything. google didnt have much either, just on cars talking about earthign wires, and they have modded cars, big sound systems, turbos, lights etc
  2. I had the blinker issue, but I was having to push start the bike at the time....

    I would say it is the battery, unless you have changed bulbs and put one with a different voltage in?

    do you have a mate with a perfect battery? maybe see if that fixes the problem...
  3. check all the earth connections for the indicators.

    If that's all good it could well be a voltage regulator problem.

  4. On a Honda, get out!

    Common problem
  5. im pretty sure the bulbs in there havent been touched, unless some bastab has come along and changed em.

    i thought i was the indicators not earthed, but then why would the headlights and dash be affected too.

    checked the regulator, seemed to be okay. might do a batt swap.