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lights camera but no action

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pragnasty, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. ridin home 2nite, bike died on me just after taking my turn off for home.

    all lights functioning, but the bike wont start or turn over.

    found the starter motor but cant find the postive connection to trace back. found the wire to it, but it must be negative caus it arced across when i tapped against a positive connection.. :?

    so if it wont turn over what else could it be??? all fuses are sweet..
    checked main fuse, and relay fuses... none are blown.
    would i have a burnt wire or something? i recently changed the fuse from my headlights from 10 amp to 15amp, (because they were blowing the fuses) but the lights are still functioning. found what i thought to be melted electric shroud, but i think this is from where my tank rubs on the wiring. a shorted wire should be scorched yes? i recently rewired the loom but all the connections look fine. what would casue the bike to suddenly lose all power, but keep lights etc...??? tryed to clutch start it down a hill, but the bike half started but would not turn over. refuelled 3okms ago.


    :( :( :( :(

  2. could be the starter motor has siezed up - give it a dig with a mallet that works on occasions. If it's isn't something simple, then you may need a multimeter to test all the connections.
  3. NEVER CHANGE FUSES TO LARGER ONES, if they are blowing, find the problem.

    if the fuses are blowing, then the current passing through them is more than it should be, thats why the fuses are rated at a given amperage to protect the specific gauge wire.

    you may have melted a few wires together in the loom somewhere if the lighting circuits have been heating up because the fuses havent blown now that youve got bigger ones installed.
  4. Prags, what ratty said, all you've done is push the problem of blowing fuses further into the electrical system and done more damage than if you'd tried to find the REAL problem in the first place. I'll leave the FIX to the experts, but never replace a fuse with a heavier fuse; they are designed to blow at that amperage to protect something that can't handle a higher amperage.
  5. You mean no more cut down 4 inch nails for fuses?
  6. Of course not!!!!! Cigarette foil is ok though :p:p