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Lights! Camera! *ahem* Lights!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. I took my bike out last night and for the first time I needed to use the lights. When I was cruising along I noticed the indicators didn't work with the lights on. Then it started to putt putt putt to a stop. So I turned off the lights and it ran smooth again.

    Is it shorting somewhere along the line? It was like it wasn't getting to the spark plug after a while of having the lights on, and never to the indicators.

    I have a new battery in there, so no problems with the charge.

    A re-wiring job in order?

    (sorry for clogging up the maintenance forum!)

  2. What model bike are you riding?

    New battery won't help if the charging system isn't working properly. How long had you been out when you noticed this happen?

    It started normally when the lights were off? Did the starter crank it over nice and fast?
  3. Im on a 1973 CZ 175. It starts and has been running fine without the lights for some time. When I was riding with the lights, it took about 2mins for me to notice something was wrong, not long after it stopped.

    So yes, it started nice.
  4. When we catch up for a cruise, perhaps we should afterwards swing past my place and give this thing a full maintenance inspection...!

    It might be worth locating a good mechanic for this particular bike also. I've heard good things about Central Motorcycles http://www.centralmotorcycles.com.au/ but I don't know if they do these, they might be able to recommend somebody who knows his stuff. So might Modak's in Elizabeth street (don't be put off by the eccentric nature of the guy); they also have 6volt parts - might be handy to know, not sure.
  5. BTW, Pete's opened a shop in St George's Road North Fitzroy. He's good, but whether he knows anything about 1973 CZs is anyone's guess.
  6. Which Pete and shop? Nothing to do with Intyre?
  7. That would be awesome :)

    Defiantly should do that. I went to Modak and the lady said they didn't stock parts for CZ or Jawa. But I would like to find a mechanic, so if anyone has good suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. So thank you titus, I'll check it out. I guess a mechanic could check the wiring?
  8. I've not used them but City Auto Electrics (for bikes) have an excellent reputation.

    15 Irene Street
    Coburg North VIC 3058

    Ph 93506677

    At least it's daylight savings! At any rate, we could follow every wire later this week and see if it's not some problem due to wear which we can fix, as opposed to an electrical component which it might take the specialists to diagnose.
  9. Oh cheers. I'll check it out.

    It's like I have some mysterious curfew.

    Got to get home before dark! :tantrum:
  10. No, Intyre is in Nicholson (they're alright too).

    Pete (the Pom). "Everything 2 Wheels", bike and scooter shop in St George's near Holden st. (I assume differences have been settled??)

    Let's face it, there isn't going to be a CZ specialist around anywhere, but it can't be rocket science.

    "Get home before dark" - the mantra of Lucas Electrics! :LOL:
  11. Exactly. I hope.
  12. http://www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au/ Pete has a good rep around here - I might check him out, as it's hard to get a good mechanic who will work on old bikes and to whom you can speak to in person about the work.

    CZ175...Prince of Darkness!

    EDIT: Maybe we can cruise past there too on Thursday, James, assuming we're not cowering from the thunderstorm.
  13. Don't embarrass me in front of the other net riders :(

    hehe. Sounds like a good idea Matt.
  14. At a guess I would say your headlight globe is too higher wattage for the charging/electrical system on your bike. Hence the reason it runs fine until the battery runs down low enough to interfere with the ignition system working properly. Any reasonable auto electrician will be able to check the actual charge rate of your bike to see if it is somewhere in the ball park. Then you can see from there where the problem is.
  15. Oh good point too!

    I am still having the problem... When I rode my bike on saturday back from Carlton it kept the light on for about 20 mins before it started interrupting.

    So my question now is... should I rewire it myself? It's not complicated at all. And if there problem was in the wiring then problem solved, but if not, take it to an auto electrician? Or take it to an auto electrician straight away?
  16. Rewiring an old bike with new stuff is a great idea, something I intend to do one day, and if you check out the wires on your tail light you'll see they're pretty worn - the plastic is all cracked. However...it can create a whole batch of new headaches. I'd book it in at City Auto Electrics for a once-over, try to get niggles sorted out and just ride it for a bit, then see what you think. Perhaps once the niggle is sorted and everything else proves over time to be not broke, it's not worth (considering the potential new headaches) fixing it.
  17. I just called City Auto Electrical Services and they said to bring it in and they will have a look at it.

    $80 /hour + parts.

    I mentioned the globe theory, Roarin, and he said that could very well be the case. So I'll make sure it's not that first. If not I'll have to leave it with them.

    Is the place you were thinking of in Coburg, Matt?
  18. Yep, that's it. $80hr is standard - that's why I do as much of my own spannering as I can!
  19. damn straight.
  20. Sounds like your lights are drawing more power than your charging system can produce. Could be a too powerful headlight bulb, but more likely a problem with the charging system. You can easily check it yourself with a cheap multimeter (that has at least a 10 amp scale) and get a better idea of what is wrong before spending money on mechanics. If you don't do a lot of night riding you could get a trickle charger to make sure the battery is topped up every day, and it might last longer at night.