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Lightning strikes guy as he is working on his bike.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. And a screen grab of the exact moment. at 14 seconds
    Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 11.03.04 AM.

  2. Call me a cynic but...
  3. I think because he is a Chuck Norris wannabe lookalike that Chuck actually bitchslapped him that fast it LOOKED like lightening.
  4. the Lightning struck the ground about 50-60m from the guy but the wet ground and the metal stand on wet allowed the excess charge to travel along the ground and up the bike.
  5. Fair enough.
  6. Do you reckon it would've fu/cked any of the electrics?
  7. Riiiight. So a bolt of lightning hits, and decides that today it's going to ignore the path of least resistance, and take a detour through a soggy concrete path and up a motorcycle kick stand just to scare a guy that looks like chuck norris.

    Makes perfect sense.

    More likely this really IS chuck norris, and even a ground strike can't stop him.
  8. I say no - it looked to be arcing off the exhaust, using the dude to earth. The small amount of current involved would travel the path of least resistance: up the stand, around the frame, up the exhaust and through the dude. When he let go (a bit girlishly, I must say...) the circuit was broken and current stopped. The only damage would be to his pride when he watched the vid.

    I'm having a bit of a problem with the sidestand story though, to be honest...
  9. i call BS.
  10. Who cares. Call me sick but I had a good laugh.
  11. I will see you, with your guy getting hit once, and raise you, with a guy getting hit twice ( although not whilst working on a bike )....

  12. looked like he shit his pants both times, damn that guy is either the luckiest for being alive or the unluckiest for getting hit not once but twice...............
  13. Who did he piss off to get struck twice?
  14. A) Chuck Norris.
  15. That's the Chuck Norris double tap

  16. :LOL::eek:wned:
  17. My grand dad got hit a couple of times. It threw him clean out of the bails once. I had a small bolt pass a couple of feet in front of me as a kid. It came in through the closed window and hit the light switch on the wall, at about the level of my face. I jumped back and landed on my arse and cried. I was about 4 or 5 years old. It's scary stuff, I can tell you that. I didn't get an electric shock from it. I sure as hell got a fright, though.