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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by bairdy, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Can anyone advise on a good auto electrician in the West Sydney area? I am looking to get some driving lights fitted to my Bandit, as at night the single beam is crap.


  2. come on people?!
  3. I can't recommend one, as I do all that stuff my self. Not overly difficult to do either.
  4. From my experience (and hearing countless stories) good and auto electrician are never used in teh same sentence. I think the reason you're not getting a response is because generally, they're crap.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  6. thanks bonkers -

    and whats that crap u enter about pushy and rude?

  7. Acceptable forum etiquette:

    Hi, I'm such and such from such and such good to meet you all.
    Can anyone help me with a problem?

    Non-acceptable forum etiquette:

    I have a problem. Gimmie gimmie gimmie!
    Why aren't you helping me fast enough.

    If I wanted rude and pushy I'd talk to myself.
  8. bairdy,

    I'll looking to do the same thing with a couple of small spotties low on the front to give me a little more clarity and visibility splitting in the dark.

    I'm having trouble finding a sparkly that will work on bikes. if I fine one I'll let you know.

  9. I added HID lights to my M109, and the output is equal to about 3-4 normal headlights (subjective!) Nice Blue/white glow from the lights, makes me noticeable during the day, and lights up my nights. I can see clearly up to about 160kmh, where I then have to use high beam.

    Cost about $200 Aust, and an hour of install, and no bulky lights everywhere to damage/add wind resistance/fail.

    Company name I bought a plug n play kit from is A&R motorsports in the USA. Took less than 2 weeks to get here.
  10. Bairdy instead of looking for someone to do it, give it a go yourself, I have a set of Hella micro DE lights on my GS, all you need is a relay, a fuse & some wire, find a place to fit the relay where it will be protected, you need power & an earth from the battery & an trigger power from you existing high beam, just follow the instructions from the relay. It’s really quite simple, fitting the lights would be the hardest part, I bought some brackets from an overseas supplier & did the rest. Good luck.
  11. Lighting & Bonkers

    Thanks for the tips guys; appreciated! Bonkers hope you are enjoying yourself!