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QLD Lighting - whats legal, what isnt ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. i dont this has been discussed before.

    but additional lighting, whether it be neons, L.E.D's or EL wire. is it legal ?

    are there colour restrictions ? (i.e red and blue, because of cop lights)

    is the idea of lighting up a bike goofy or not ? :LOL:
  2. It's far more important to know what's tasteful rather than legal.

    Best set up I've seen is headligh, tail/brakelight and 4 indicators. :grin:
  3. as an addition to what u got, or to replace what you got? (eg. brakes, indicators etc.)
    if to replace, i was on ebay earlier today checking out LED indicators and brake lights.. but this may not be what you are talking about?
    you talking bling bling aren't you?
  4. #4 i.d.g.a.f, Feb 17, 2006
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    tasteful sarcasm :LOL:

    i thought it might look cool if you lit certain parts of the bike and chromed part of the frame that was behind fairing, so it would reflect and give it a glow underneath the fairings rather than a straight out bright light bolted on.

    and have it hooked up to a switch on the bars, maybe use the "passing" button as the switch, change it from a press n hold to a toggle switch though.

    yea im talking lighting, as in lighting up the whole bike, not indicators or head/tail lights
  5. Afaik as long as you cant see the source of the light its ok,but im nowhere near 100% sure of that.
  6. The only thing that I am aware of regards to legalities is as long as it is not flashing and it is not the same colour as your emergency signals, eg, yellow on front and red/yellow on back, and as long as it doens't flash it is legal.
    I would probably try and hide the direct source of the lighting too as this may cause you more "attention" than necessary.

    Well at least in Vic. :p


  7. so say, i was to put green neon's behind the fairings of a bike, and it glowed out through the gaps, and it didnt flash, that would be legal ?

    i wouldnt have it turned on all the time tho
  8. So it would only be illegal some of the time huh??? :LOL: :LOL:

    The amount of gacers out there with all that crap, i'm sure you'll be fine as long as it aint a giant F###ing, blinding light!!
  9. ive seen a guy with a neon lign on the under belly of a cbr 600 rr and it looks good
    im not sure but on cars i heard they are not allowed
  10. From the Queensland Department of Transports guide to modifying vehicles (including bikes)

    All additional lighting systems are to be fitted strictly in accordance with Queensland legislation. Some additional requirements are explained below.

    -Blue lights are not allowed on any vehicles except emergency vehicles (for example police, fire and rescue, and ambulance).
    -Red lights and reflectors must face to the rear.
    -White lights and reflectors must face forward.
    -Yellow lights are not permitted except for clearance lights on goods vehicles and buses, and indicators and fog lights on all vehicles.
    -With the exception of indicators, flashing lights are not permitted on any vehicle, except special vehicles for use in hazardous situations (for example tow trucks) and emergency vehicles (for example police).
  11. i know the traffic code in WA states that apart from indicators you cant have anything other than white light shining to the front and red light to the rear.

    so i dont know if they could bust you based on that??? but they would have to be pretty bloody stingy to book you for it. But then again they are cops.....
  12. U get em done rite, & not fo overboard they look wicked.

    I wanna do mine sometime
  13. That's interesting. I thought flashing brake lights are quite common.
  14. pm mrninja, im told he has neons.
  15. i personally cant think of anything that could be more gay but thats just my opinion. As for the legality side im not sure but i do know alot of people that have been given canarys in viccie for havin em on cars.

    Best bet as usual is to ring ther piggers...
  16. I know some colours, the more distracting kinds, are not legal... but thats pretty much the extent of my knowledge :p
  17. I don't think you're allowed blue or red neons because they could be confused with the lights of an emergency vehicle or brake lights
  18. Neons on bikes are camp as a row of army tents.

  19. IMHO, it'd be the perfect start of a new lifestyle series.........

    "Queer eye for the biker guy"

    Bling bling... not for me, but wotever floats yer boat I s'pose.

    I do believe that any extra lighting, except for after market reversing lights (hey, don't laugh, some land-barge goldwings have reverse!!) driving, and fog lights are illegal if the vehicle is moving.

    So OK for a "look at moi" effect when parked, but as soon as you move... here comes Mr Plod, doing his/her job.

  20. Hey all,
    No idea on legality,
    Saw a Blue Kawasaki ZZR at the gold Coast a few weeks back,
    Had Blue neon attached inside the fairing, so it faced the road under the bike,
    Blue bike, blue glow,