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Lightest/ tiniest 250s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by otsheylnik, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Scooter rider looking to go to proper bikes.

    What are the best smaller bikes for tiny people like me?

    Basically will use as a commuter but want more freedom to do freeway stuff than I feel on scoots. Oh, and still on P's, so must be LAMS.

    Posts from tiny girls appreciated!
  2. SRX250!!!!!!!!!!!

    hehe - I have one for sale,needs a new starter motor though :D
  3. Just how short are you? Generally, cruiser types of bikes have the lowest seats. But if you're just on the short side of average, it might be worth trying regular bikes as manufacturers make a bit of an effort these days to make their budget models accessible to shorter riders. Scooters are suprisingly tall in fact, or at least can feel that way because their seats are wide so if you were able to ride a scooter you might have more bike choices than you think!

    PS. I'd appreciate some posts from tiny girls too. I like long walks on the beach and ... errr... wrong forum :)
  4. Hey...I'm selling a Honda VT250 Spada. It is a pretty light bike. I believe there about 160kg. Pm if interested (I'm in Geelong (Vic))
    Most of your naked sport bikes (250's) should be pretty light...check bikez.com
    Hope that helps
  5. I guess I fit the category of a tiny girl, well, I'm 5 foot 1 anyway. I spent a year and 10,000 klms on a Virago 250cc. Seat height is 27 inches, weight about 130 kilos. They're called VStar now, and you can still get the 250 new. Great little bike, I was really sad to see her go, (that is until I discovered the joys of an 1100).
  6. NSR150sp is pretty small if you're looking for something in that style - I looked a little like a giraffe riding a tricycle.

    I could flat foot it easily, short reach to bars and very narrow...it's a two stroke tho - you'd have to want that sort of bike.
  7. Likes petite women - even more if they ride bikes :)
  8. Most 250s are pretty small.. dont let it limit you too much as you can typically effectively lower it by shave down the seat, adjusting suspension, etc. Go sit on some at dealer and see what you find.
  9. I'm around 167cms and on my ninja250, my feet aren't flat against the ground. I kinda have to stand tippy toes to keep the bike upstraight.

    I rode a CBF250 for the Pre Learners and I also found I had to stand on my toes a bit, but that was with sneakers. With riding boots I find it's a bit easier as they give you a little bit of an edge to touch the ground.

    Another option is to get your seat lowered. There's a few options around if you're really keen on a certain bike.
  10. Thanks for all the tips! Liking the NSR150sp so far, that is one I didn't know about before.

    I thought about the CBR125 for a while but it would probably lack guts.

    Rode a Yamaha Scorpio on a licensing course, which I thought was a gutless piece of rubbish and just felt cheap. Although to be fair we couldn't exactly get past 3rd gear.

    I was in vic but now moved to Syd - one reason for looking at the upgrade, I think that having a few high gears might be nice because sydney drivers can't drive - period.
  11. If budget allows, check out CB400 - LAMS, similar dimensions to Scorpio (ok... slightly larger, but still pretty tiny) and with enough performance for real roads.
  12. I would say get a DRZ/KDX 250 and drop the forks a little and put a longer linkage in. and you will have something short and weighs around 120-125kg thats also a great fun bike.

    but probably doesn't fit in with the whole scooter rider thing you've got going on
  13. The Cb400 is much heavier at 194kg and larger in every direction than the Scorpio 132kg or any 250 really (generally around the 160-170kg mark).....the CB400 is more like a real bike :)

    The smallest (seat, bar height), vaguely modern* 250 around is probably the Honda Spada as previously mentioned

    *not some aircooled 250 single POS dating back to the dark ages (like the scorpio, ffs it has a kick start) that will struggle to maintain 110kph without a tailwind.
  14. singles ftw!!!!
  15. Oh bummer!!!
  16. Yes it is heavier but notice the all-important seat eight is in fact identical to Scorpio at 77cm.
  17. COnsidering I weigh like 50kgs on a good day I'll pass on the CBR400 lol. I don't want to have to drag that out of some park after a driver blocks me in!
  18. :worthlesspics:
  19. Your call mate but I think you're selling yourself short - your 50kg to bike's 170 is about normal. i weight 80kg and had no trouble with CBF1000, some 260kg kerb weight... it's more about good reach to the ground and how is the weight distributed than the actual figure.