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lightest sport 250, 1990+?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fatjoez, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hi guys

    I have a naked suzuki gsf250 gj77a 1997

    I believe it weighs 170kg

    Looking for a new bike to be

    - sport
    - lighter!!!
    - 1990+

    Can you guys advise best options / weights

    I assume they are primarily

    Honda cbr250 mc22
    Kawasaki zxr250
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  3. KTM Duke 390
    147kg with a full tank of fuel
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  4. The new CBR300R is lighter than the 250R and will weigh 164kg with a full tank of fuel.
    I'd get the KTM though: More power, much better suspension, and of course weighs less
  5. Sorry guys have to clarify

    Need a LAMS bike
    Max budget $5000

    Honda has a 300 now?????
  6. The Duke 390 and CBR300R are both LAMS
  7. Buy second hand
  8. Gpx250 142 kg
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  9. Your best option is to not buy anything else...live with the bike you have an save your cash for when you have access to the range of non-LAMS bikes then you can get a better power to weight ratio (which is really what you are after).

    Cheers Spocky

    PS: Sure Ducati can de-power the Superleggera to LAMS level...just ask:happy:
  10. I have a Honda Spada - 40hp and 143kg dry. But I like the advice above, I bought a cheap bike to save the money for my next bike.
  11. Thanks but im happy with 250, dont plan on getting a bigger engine

    just want something really light and sports fairing

    Under $5k (second hand)
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  12. Does it really have to be a sports bike? If you want lightweight, get a supermoto. WR250X is about the same power as a Ninja 250 and 30+ kg lighter...
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  13. How about a DRZ400SM.
    146kg WET
    Great Suspension, much better than the crap that is on most bikes.
    Plenty of power
  14. ZX2R, 144kg/45hp
  15. That is the dry weight. Wet will be around 20kg heavier.
  16. Aprilia RS250 or even, RS125.

    OTOH, how accurate is the user name?
  17. lol I'm under 70kg,
    fixed on sports fully faired bike only (no supermoto), so:

    kawasaki zx2r (zxr250)
    gpx 250

    aprilia rs250 - none for sale brisbane/goldcoast

    Any other options or is this it?
    What does the MC22 CBR250 weigh?
  18. How soon do you want/need it?
    KTM RC390 - 375cc single, 43 HP, just under 160Kg with a full tank. High spec suspension front and back, non adjustable though (in the front). Should be about the same cost as the Ninja300.
    Oh, and it looks like sex.
    Bad things - Indian built, doesn't get released till some time next year :(
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  19. Yes that RC390 looks like a tidy machine.
  20. GPX250