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lighter exhaust for cbr 125

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cbr-princess, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. hey guys...
    hope your all doing well..

    does any1 know about getting a lighter exhaust for a honda cbr125.
    if i can make the bike lighter it would be gr8

    any ideas?????
  2. Well , what I do to make my bike lighter is go on a diet, but looking at your pic, looks like your already light, the Cbr125 is also light, if you make it any lighter you will blow away in the next windy day.

    If you want more power the answer would be to make your bike heavier by buying a bigger bike, you look like you could ride a CBR600, if your still on your L's just stick with what you got till you get you full licence.
  3. ;p

    i dont want more power. lol
    if i want more power ill buy a more powerful bike.
    its heavy for me coz im short and small.

    so i just wanted to make it a bit lighter so i dont feel like im guna drop it.
  4. Go to the gym and get some muscles!!!

    Its probably one of the lightest bikes out there. I doubt swapping the exhaust to save maybe 1.5kg's is gonna make any noticeable difference...

    Is it a height thing, or a weight thing? You can always get the seat lowered (remove padding) or wear boots with a bit of heel on them.

    When you stop, try leaning the bike against your leg whist you hold it, rather than taking all the weight on your arms... :)
  5. Re: ;p

    how small are you ? I think your joking with me

    maybe try this thing

  6. there are a few full system exhaust available but are quite expensive options.

    At your first service ask to have the chain as slack as possible it allows the bike to squat down more easily under your weight but this makes for a bouncy ride. you could also keep the tank half full and you will save 5kg right there too
  7. I hate to say but the best thing you can do is just try to get used to it and you will in no time - You just need to get out there and practice practice practice.

    Let's face it - you won't on that bike forever and the cbr125 it already ridiculously light.

    I'm not tall by any stretch of imagination nor am I that strong and I've gone from a 130kg (dry) 250 to a 200kg bike and I’m finding not overly hard to handle - I was quite nervous about low speed manoeuvres but it's been a few weeks and I'm over it - the only thing I'm still getting my head around in regards to the weight is pushing it around
  8. i'm also in the short-arse club ducking in at 5'4. When you say you feel like your going to drop it i assume you mean when stopping/taking off/low speed stuff?

    For the stopping I would suggest leaning slightly to one side and using only one leg. I think now i still have my weight shifted to one side when i put one leg down to stop, and if i want to swap sides i shift in the saddle.

    Take off's similar thing. If your stopped with one leg on the ground take off with that one. Assuming it's already in 1st before you stopped saving having to change sides back and forth etc (if you stop right leg down).

    Low speed stuff i would just say comes with experience and knowledge of what your body and bike can do together. Eventually you will learn to "predict" what is going to happen, what will need to be done to correct, and eventually you'll position yourself and the bike in such a way that you won't get into too many tricky situations such as losing balance / uneven ground etc.

    But yeah, its all experience. I struggled with my zzr when i first got it and it's a short bike in comparison to many others. Now i get bored at the lights and try to balance both feet up. And one thing i always keep in mind, there's several other short riders like myself at NR meets, and they ride significantly taller bikes.
    So the way i figure it, if they can, i will learn eventually.

    Now go practice some.

    Also, if you want a louder 125, speak to zilly...
  9. I'm not sure you can make the cbr125r any lighter without removing a piston. It weighs what, 118kg dry?

    Could probably remove some fairing on the side, only fill it with half a tank, but that would be more effort than its worth.

    I'd recommend you just get used to it. Bikes only get heavier, not lighter.
  10. any lighter and it will get blown away in the wind.

    I wonder what its like to ride a cbr125
  11. If the cbr 125 is too much for you, maybe you should try one of these.
    It wont be much slower. :grin:
  12. ;p

    its ok
    im over the idea.
    ill just suk it up like a man!!!
  13. Seriously, if you think a CBR 125 is too heavy and you don't want more power you just cant handle the weight you need to look at scooters or start doing weighted squats.
  14. i think its more of a height problem for you than the weight of the bike.
    try get the seat lowered by removing some of the foam off it from inside.

    that would solve a bit of the issue, wearing heeled boots is another way too.
    and yeah, try and balance the bike with both your feet, even if its just the toes its reaching till, than trying to balance it with your hand.
    There are ways to balance taller bikes, by tilting them a bit when you are standing, to have one feet completely in the ground, just needs a bit of practice.

    I think, ride it more, and you will get used to it...

    Would you be coming along for the L plates Tuesday ride ?
  15. ;p

    ye my mate does couch reapolostering
    he is guna fix my seat for me.
    its more im 2 short then the weight mayb. coz i dont have both feet on ground...

    as for the person who made the comment about getting a scooter.
    i would rather not have anything at all then ride a scooter. im not a scooter kind of person.
  16. Re: ;p

    yep, my wife kept telling me that the VTR250 is too heavy for her, upon asking her in details, realized, she was mistaking the balance issue due to the height, with "i can't balance 'coz its too heavy" statement. This is a common assumption which many people make.

    The only time you would feel the weight of your bike, is when it is on top of you :) And when you have it lift it up from the ground if you drop it.
  17. They might have lowering links availiable to lower the bike.

    Lowering bikes does affect the handling of the bike to an extend. drastic for some people, negligible for others.
  18. I think I've found the perfect solution:

    www.findcoolclothes.com/01830.html :LOL:

    Only joking.

    You can buy aftermarket seats which are designed to bring you lower to the ground. A quick 'google' brought up these guys in the northern suburbs:


    and no, I'm not connected with them in any way. No idea what it costs, so if your mate can do it then all the better, but I'd expect these guys would do a pretty good job on it.

    Good luck!
  19. If your lighter needs an exhaust you've messed up the wiring :twisted: