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ACT Lightcycle v Police

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Takamii, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. So I decided to make a thread here because I will report in on each incident as it happens - incidents numbered as they happen

    1- Saturday 22nd October 11 pm was at a petrol station filling up and the police drove past in a van ( 3 of them ) and quickly turned around and pulled in - the lights where on as usual on the bike but they were stationary of course meaning just scattered leds and no ring effect - Police officer said Hi - I am not a traffic cop and I am not here to give you a ticket but just to let you know the traffic guys might - we saw you earlier in the night and the bike really stands out and easy to be seen - it looks good but you may get some trouble - I explained i rode past 2 other patrol cars that did nothing - he said okay seems they are not worried about it then - I said - I do it for night safety as it makes me easily seen otherwise the bike is very dark at night -- plus I said its not red or blue and they dont flash at all -- and asked do I look young and stupid - he responded you ont look young - so I said Okay - have good night officer - and they left

    2 -Thursday 27th October 10.30 pm see other thread about what happens to me and the lightcycle at $1.70 read it here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=126740&highlight=lightcycle#.Tq_-oWWO5hc

    3 - 1st November 10.45 pm was idleing along at 60 in a 60 zone - then the unmarked car behind me flashed its lights - no problem I pull over

    The officer says - no problem mate not going to write you a ticket or anything you have not done any thing wrong - he wanted to ask me how much the led set up on the wheel was - so I told him - he then asked me "are they legal ?" I replied " well officer - they are not red or blue or a mixture of those colours and they do not flash or strobe so I can not be mistaken for a emergency or police vehicle in any way also from directly in front and behind they can not be seen - but side on they make me very visible at night which increases my safety." I also explained how my helmet has red leds in the rear and white at the front as per the law and how they act to make me more visible as well

    he said - okay cool - have a good night and a safe journey I wished him a quiet peaceful night and then he left.

    edit - he also mentioned how he had seen another bike last week with a big ring of light on the wheels just putting along in the city and was commenting how more bikes have the lights on the wheels - I explained it was me he saw as I believe I may be the only one in the country with this system on the wheels in place. I explained that when stationary the leds look the way they do but at above 30kmph they become visually a solid ring of white light

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  2. This is going to be an interesting thread. I'm subscribed.
  3. Get rid of them, their causing you unwanted attention, or is that what you want
  4. I knew they would get attention ( always a thumbs up or pics being taken etc etc from people ) however if they get me on the white i will change to amber and should be well within the adrs

    The point of this thread is to express the reactions of the police force to something that they have not seen before - so far it shows by being well spoken polite patient and genuinely nice that any thing is possible

    i have been the first to criticize Police in the past

    however this is being tempered more and more with every experience I have with them -- they have all treated me more than fairly.
  5. I'm glad to hear your experiences with ACT policing have been good. You may potentially run into trouble with the light being white not amber. Probably best to change to amber then you should have no problems.

    I saw you a couple of weeks ago on Belconnen Way heading towards the city with a few other bikes. Unless there's an another light cycle in Canberra! Looked pretty good and my partner who also rides said the same thing.

    FWIW I'd probably put them on my bike (amber) if you made a kit.
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  6. Attitude is everything. Trust me.
  7. they probably think you're an alien.

    Cops don't **** with aliens. everybody knows this.
  8. Just don't venture into Vic
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  9. He is closer to NSW. Queanbeyan HWP will be checking the rule book quick smart ](*,)
    One thing I like is your aproach to talking with the LAW man Taki. It's professional and non confronting. I think this goes a long way for them being kind to you.
  10. Hi Tak, I thought I read that as long as 'white' is showing forward and 'red/amber' to the rear of the vehicle then it is legal.
    Well done in being the shepherd!!
  11. This is going to be a good thread....

    But I'm waiting...

  12. I have spoken about 3 incidents here

    However there have been at least half a dozen times when the police have passed me on the other side of a divided road in Suburbia at night - both on the ACT and the NSW side of the border

    They could easily turn around and come after me but have not because they either are on their way to another call or it did not worry them at all - plus I was obeying all traffic laws as generally ( excepting rare moments of lunacy ) I ride very sedately in the left lane etc etc
  13. I find it interesting that they have said how visible you were at night. That can only be a good thing.
  14. agreed Mick

    even though my bike is red at night with the black frame and wheels side on its hard to see from 20 meters away in an unlit area side on
  15. I give it 5 years and these will be mandatory on all bikes, plus a flashing yellow light on your helmet for added night time safety :)
  16. Easier to put a curfew in place. Victoria - the Police State.

    (I will add that usually this crap comes from the upper hierarchy, not so much the working plod).

  17. I already have that covered Doc -- this is my helmet ( one of my Carbon ones )

  18. Have you got a clip of the bike at night so we can see the kit? I haven't seen it :(
  19. Yeah Tak, can you show us your set up?

    I was on my way home from the city after seeing TT3D with Trent and UDLOSE when it came out, and we got pulled into an RBT along with another guy on a CBR250rr, I didnt hear the rest of the conversation but I heard an officer say straight away to him, quiet abruptly "ok, whats with the lights?" the lights were blue and flashed lol

    Also how did the bike turn out after your stack?
  20. I thought that NSW had Vic trumped by a few years?