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Light weight jacket that goes over normal jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ngalbrai, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Have a rev'it air for summer riding, great when its hot but not so great if caught out in the rain. What would people recommend by way of a waterproof jacket to carry if weather looks a bit dubious that can be worn over another jacket.

    In colder months no problem as use a dririder that's waterproof but clearly want to avoid wearing that when its hotter and just on the off chance it rains.

  2. Cheapo yellow plastic jacket from a workwear shop. Costs little, rolls up smallish, can be had in sizes large enough to go over anything on me so most other people should have no problem and is 100% waterproof. Why anyone would spend serious dollars on gear that is functionally inferior but happens to be sold by a motorcycle shop is a source of continuing bewilderment to me.

    Or, if the rain is warm enough, you could just carry a waterproof bag for any clothes you wanted to keep dry and just wear a sacrificial T-shirt under your non-waterproof jacket.
  3. ^^
    maybe try some wet weather gear from BCF too
  4. A Mart All sports have light wet soccer training gear. It rolls up to the size of a g****fruit or your mamma's zuccini that buzzed. Fits in the d****tail. Always there when you need it.
    I got my last one on spesh for $5. Yup $5