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Light up your wheels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Biggles, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Interesting life preserving bling that could be applied to a motorcicle.

  2. Hmm. Changes colour as your speed increases.

    Let's hope that tops ut at 50 or so otherwise you're just dobbing yourself in :)
  3. I call bollocks on that one, I've been temporarily blinded in both car and on bike by cyclists with mega-LED lights on the front.
  4. This is what i will have fitted soon to my R1

  5. They look nuts, Where do you get them out of curiosity?
  6. I see 2 problems with these.

    The first is they may be illegal in some (or all) states.

    The second is that I can see (pardon the pun) the appeal for those who like bling, but personally, yuck, no thank you.

    Oh and I was disappointed when I didn't see a picture of an awsome burn out.
  7. www.metricfats.com
  8. I wouldn't be putting blue ones on unless I wanted to have a chat with the cops, they love to have their blue lights all to themselves.
  9. mine will be white
  10. Other than the jerkiness of it, that revolight one is pretty cool. Would be awesome to get it to rotate just a bit faster than the wheels - but of course directing the light sideways.