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Light Switch

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MaxBiker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I am putting in a switch to turn my headlight of during the day on my bike and I just wanted to make sure of something before I install it and cause a huge problem. I bought two switches (12v 20 Amp, and a 12v 30 Amp (will it matter which one I use?)) that I'm going to use to cut the power to the headlight. Should I be worried about the hour or so I ride at night with the headlight on causing the switch to overheat and melt/catch fire? if so would I be better off putting the switch on the negative wire instead? or will everything be fine the way it is? Also, I will be installing a 35W HID conversion kit at the same time. Although they use less power after initial start up, would the surge at start up cause problems with the switch?
    Thanks for your info,

  2. Whether you put the switch on the positive or negative side of the lights the current is the same so I am unsure what you mean there, there is an inrush current for the HID lights at startup but it will still be lower than the 20amp your switch is capable of.


    If you are intending to mount the switch on the bars then I would use a automotive relay so you only have to run low current connections with their smaller wires on to the handlebars.
  3. The switch will handle the current fine and traditionally switches are put on the positive side.

    However, I think it's illegal to ride a motorcycle in Australia without the headlight on (ADRs require the headlight to be on).

    Why do you want to turn it off?
  4. The ADRs did require headlights to be on, but this was later scrapped when it was found to make no difference whatsoever to safety. Only reason modern bikes have automatic headlights is due to regs in other countries.
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  5. I want to put a switch in for three reasons,
    1: saves power usage when the light really isn't needed,
    2: Saves life of the bulb, I'm already on my second Halogen. in 4 months
    3: easier start up in the cold if/when something goes wrong with the recharging system. I will still be able to make it home. (got stuck 60 Km's from home once already)

    I plan on mounting the switch on the left side of the dash, for easy access while riding and for the most part the driest part of the bike I can still access. I did however invest in some waterproof connectors and a heavy duty switch for boats. so I should be good.

    Furthermore, I don't really care if it is illegal of if cops have problems with it. I will still have a running light on at all times and my tail lights will still be on. and as for road worthies, they are only required if I sell the bike. I also plan on making it easily removable and put back the way it was.
  6. i am currently looking at putting a relay on my HID lights so they automatically turn on when the engine is running.

    still working out which sensor to tap into to use as the signal for the relay to turn on. any help would be appreciated, i am doing this on a cbr600rr
  7. There are a number of wires you could use, the ignition power wire would be the most obvious but any 12v supply close to where you want to put the relay will do. Dash lighting or something to that effect.

    Find a wiring diagram for the RR and that will give you the wire colour to look for.
  8. Does he cbr have a running light that turns on when you put the key in the "on" position? If so you can tap into the power wire and use it as your signal.
  9. You mean so they only come on after the engine is running?

    I would use a timer circuit to turn the lights on after x seconds, or use the passing switch wired to a [strike]switching[/strike] latching relay, push on, push off.
  10. Yes, so they come on after th engine is running.

    Love your passing switch idea :applause: thanks
  11. No problems, I've been meaning to get off my arse & hook up some driving lights to mine... I have HID's as well, as you know the passing is superfluous now.

    That should have read latching relay too, I had a blonde moment...
  12. MV, I am changing my whole approach to this mod and instead of putting in a new switch all together, I'm going to probably use the Pass switch with a latching relay. great idea. thank you.