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Light Scratches On Windsheld (GPX250)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Robb0, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    I've had my bike since new still is new. But when I got it my windshield has light swirls and scratches on it. Is there away at buffing them out or is there some product I can use to get ride of them.

    They dont bother me too much but when I look at someone elses bike and see there shield I wonder why mine cant be like theres. Considering I brought my bike brand new I couldnt of been bothered going to the hassel arguing with the dealer as I didnt relise them straight away cause it was delivered and in the garage for 2weeks before I had my licence.

    Any advice would be good.

  2. don't think you can polish a plastic... might need to replace
  3. Are they basically circular and go from the center to the edges of the screen? My gpx250 is the same, I'm pretty sure it's just the way they are.
  4. +1 my GPX had micro swirls all over the windshield when I picked it up from the stealer.

    I tried to use Meguairs Plastic Polisher, it removed some of the fine scratches. :)
  5. u can cut and poilsh plastic just like u cut and buff paint or metal.I had crash damage scratches on an NSR windscreen that i sanded and buffed out.

    Plastic polish or a real really fine polish. It wont be easy getting rid of em thou
  6. Yeah there are products on the market for this. Some actually fill in the micro cracks and scratches when you put it on.
  7. Cool Guys thanks for your replys

    I'll give polishing a go to try remove some. I'm glade I'm not alone in the swirl department now. :)

  8. Toothpaste :grin:
  9. With or without Fluoride?

    Try car polish... the next step is T cut second step car polish.
  10. bog it then sand it down then respray it and put clear ovet it best way instead of buying a new one