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Light reading :P

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Tigress, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I work in a library and have free access to 2 wheels and Aust. Motorcycle news :) yay!


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  2. some people have a tough life, work in air conditioned, peaceful environment, read bike mags [probably watch tv/dvds too]
    One would hope you'd be riding the bike to work!!
  3. aargh, the motorcyclist's dream, all the magazines in the world without them cluttering up your house :LOL:

    I know of one Netrider who has a massive magazine collection in his garage, and I have a mate in Canberra who has every AMCN, every REVS and every Two Wheels :shock:
  4. Yes we do have a TV here too lol (motogp anyone?) And I hope I get to buy my first bike in March:) if not earlier...

    I love that I can clutter my desk and not my house hehehe
  5. hey careful with the motogp offer, there are a few that meet up to watch it live!!

    got a pop corn machine there too??
  6. Don't make me take a pic of it for proof, but yes we do LOL
  7. well, if your library is open late when motogp is on, I reckon a quick post will have alot of visitors and no pic no proof!! lol [or it didnt happen]
  8. Luckily it isn't open late hahah (phewww)

    Speaking of light reading, Any other sites I could go to other than netrider? Hints, tips etc that could help as well.
  9. not that I kno wof but others here will prop some suggestions up I'd think
  10. I love netrider, I'm hooked haha but would like to read some sites with professional information. Netrider is great for personal opinions and experiences from learners to people who have ridden for many many years.

    I guess my magazines will keep me busy for now.
  11. It's all very well having free access to AMCN but it would be even better to be provided with proper toilet paper :wink:.
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  12. It was great! They forgot to mention that another reason it didnt work - it was a Ducati.

    Actually it reminded me of AznCruiser's RS125 LOL.
  13. #15 Tigress, Feb 13, 2012
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    Glad you enjoyed it hehe I had a laugh but also learnt something. Good for us learners lol
  14. The advice on cornering was a bit of a worry.
  15. Do you have any books with photographs of dinosaurs ?
  16. What is it supposed to be? The book was published in 2007 and I'm not even sure if the author rides bikes, you would assume he does?

    Yes lol
  17. Well, according to Keith Code, shifting weight does bugger all to turn the bike, its all about pushing on the 'bars - countersteering.
  18. Ahhhh ok I'm still new, so don't mind me, don't have a bike yet :(

    Isn't shifting weight more to do with leaning ?