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light, decent sized bike for 6' guy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TCShadow, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I'm currently selling my GPX250 and eventually want to upgrade to a bigger bike.

    I'd like something that's similar to the riding position of the GPX or possibly slightly sportier. I don't want to go super sport or full upright tourer.

    I'd also like something that has a bit of go from the lights and is light and very manouverable.

    Preferably under $7k.

    Preferably at least semi faired and I'm not a fan of round headlights ala CBR250 but I suppose I could live with them if I had to.

    Suggestions on what I should be looking at?

  2. Forget the fairings and get a motard.
    Everything you said says MOTARD...well cept the fairings. Buy a better jacket...:)
  3. My gear is fine but a motard looks like an offroader got lost and ended up on a public road by accident.

    I like the look of a street triple except for the headlights(I could live with it) and the pricetag(I can't afford it).
  4. Buy my bike!

    It is a bit of a squeeze for me, but I'm taller than you (and all legs).
  5. Honda 600 Hornet? z750?
  6. ..... Zzr600?.....
  7. Mmm 7 thou mmm.... my picks
    03 Kawasaki ZX9 and have some change.
    You might get a nice Honda 02 blade in this price range.
    05 Kawasaki ZX10. You might find one a good one in this price range. Nice light and a farken animal. Soooo much fun.
    And some not so lights
    Kawasaki ZRX1200 06
    Kawasaki ZX1100
    New bandit har har.
  8. Honda Hornet 250 (I'm assuming you need a LAMS bike?)
  9. thanks for the suggestions so far

    and no I don't need(nor want) lams I'm unrestricted now
  10. Best bet is to let one come to you if you are not in a rush.
    Look on places like bike sales. Save ones you like. Some are on there for ages.
    Keep bargaining them down lol. True, you will get a good buy.
    Not being particular works to your advantage. The excuse now is I neeeeeed a bigger one.
    A year later and your like us and I neeed a new one..just cause i neeed a new one ha ha.
    Never buy new and never buy in bits.
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  11. I am 6' tall ride a hornet900, goes well, naked bike, reliable etc etc etc