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Lifting the arse end of a bike with out a quick lift.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thecptn, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Bit of a pickle here, my bike doesnt have a centre stand, and I need to lift the back wheel to take the chain off and give her a solid clean and change the shoes, yes I know there are quick lifts and stands, but there all too exspenisive for me, bit on a budget at the moment you see, I tried using a car jack under the chok point under the bike, but that only got the front end up, any way of making a diy rear quick lift? and yes I did google.

  2. Perhaps using the jack and anchoring the front wheel down?

    It's gonna be bodgy though.
  3. couple of car jack stands and a piece of steel rod under the swingarm .... you will need to have the jack stands though . ohh and 3 people to do the job
  4. another way is steel rod under the rear frame rails rope it and hoist it up .... garage ... tree .... whatever as long as u can safely attach the bike to the rope and not do damage
  5. The car stands and the steel bar is the most elegant, now, where can you find three friends in a hurry?

    offer a slab on this forum, that'll do it!
  6. I use two car stands.

    1)Put the bike on the side stand and put the car stand where the swing arm will rest on it when you swing it upright.

    2) stand on the side stand side of the bike (left I'm guessing) hold onto the right handle bar with your left hand and the seat with your right. Then use your body to push the bike upright onto the stand (its not as hard as it sounds) which lifts the left side of the swing arm high enough for

    3) push the other car stand under the other side of the swing arm with your foot

    Works a treat never dropped one doing it or had one fall off even dropping out engines.
  7. You gentlemen are legends, may the gods shower you lads with honey covered lesbians.

  8. Dont just sling a chain under the subframe and then over rafters under the veranda. Unless you want grooves cut into your rafters that is.

    Or you rent like me haha :grin:
  9. OK what my parter does is he has 2 single stands (cheapo ones ) that have the different holes for different heights ,then he has a square bar 2x2 box tube and he puts that under his bike just in fornt of the wheel onto both stands then he lifts the back up and rolls the bike onto the stand he only needs the wheel off the ground an inch to work on it so that the wheel rotates :grin:
    I hope this helps
  10. You know all the junk that people throw out on hard rubbish days? Next time your in the need of a rear stand just go find some old speakers that aren't working. Now i don't mean the cheap and nasty newish ones that were designed to fall apart after 2 years, i mean the old school ones that were build to survive an elephant sitting on them!

    With the bike on its side stand put one speaker on its side under the right hand side of the swingarm, then straddle the bike and lift it up ... hopefully lifting the rear wheel off the ground. Now whilst tilting the bike over to balance it upright, slide the other speaker into place under the left hand side of the swingarm. It's obviously easier if you have a helper... but i've gotten quite handy at doing it now.

    I'll see if i can remember to get a photo next time i pop my bike up on it. I replaced my rear brake rotor doing this about a week ago now, and regularly do it to clean and lube the chain, aswell as cleaning the rear wheel.
  11. or if its compatible come borrow my rear stand...
  12. :shock: thanks for that fellas, how ever my old man did a five minute special on a jack, used a car sizzor jack, and bolted a large piece of hardwood to the top of it...instant bike jack!
  13. Haha this is something I'll have to remember if I ever get a road bike. I'd have just done what I usually do: grab the rear tire and lift...

    ...though hernias don't sound like much fun, so I'll keep this in mind for any future road bikes.
  14. try using a couple of milk crates :wink:

    My bike doesn't have a centrestand either, last week when my bro changed my chain & sprockets.....he used a milk crate :idea: