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Lifestyle choice?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, May 12, 2007.

  1. I just ditched the company car - and from Tuesday next week, will be riding my bike to work.

    But I get $200/week transport allowance, so 6 months should see me with a bigger/better bike!.

    And they reckon we will be having a wet winter!
  2. Wet winter, more rear wheel spin, more fun :LOL:
  3. Mmmm... transport allowance rather thna company car. $200 a week pays for any new lease motorbike you feel like....


  4. Bastard guy.. :LOL:
    What do you do? Wish I had an allowance!
  5. So the yard will be selling bikes soon? :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Well done.
  6. I manage a NEW car yard in Oakleigh.

    Current bike is a Suzuki 800 cruiser, bought new in Nov 06, so not worn out yet - although I have done 9000km riding only on weekends!

    Have my eye on a M109 - If I am conservative, I reckon I own current bike by end of this year, save a few grand more, then lash out!.

    That way, loan is minimal, and I will always be ahead if the inevitable happens.
  7. We won't be selling bikes anytime soon, this is a cost management exercise for the owners, and a choice for me to get more money in my pocket each week.

    The car industry is pretty tough at the moment, and whilst we are selling plenty of cars, everybody wants a bargain, so margins are v slim. Since half my salary is made up of performance bonuses tied up to profitablity, I am not banking on too many bonuses for a while.

    It is very competitive out there, and my choice was made so I got to manage my income, rather than whinging about my shrinking pay packet.

    And I get to ride every day!
  8. I used to work as a car salesman.
    I sucked, and the cars I sold sucked even more!
    So I left.
  9. Training my young friend, Training.

    Selling must be enjoyable, or no one wins.

    I love selling, and always do ok.
    Sometimes I have to change what I do on a personal level to make the most of what I do though!
  10. Peter, a very wise move, and good thinking on the boss' part too; a company car would have been costing him way more than $200 a week!
  11. are you required to have full comp insurance to lease a bike?? because i'm in a business where i could make that happen. it's just the price of full comp for me is expensive.
  12. Generally yes, as you don't really own the vehicle.
  13. wow, get your boss to talk to my boss!!!!

    with an assumed 30000km cycle of vehilce, i would get damn close to 2 bikes a year :woot:

    not gunna happen though :(