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lifespan of bike covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lopsided, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Had a bike cover now for a few weeks as I am now in a place with no LUG.

    Wake up last night at 2am... male voices outside my window... then a rustling noise... then my Xena alarm goes off... then the sound of feet running away...

    I bolt upright, look out the window and fcuk the bike cover was just about to be stolen.

    (Well I assume they were after the cover and not the bike. This is because the cable/padlock/disklock hadn't been cut. Also with the cover, both ends were pulled up but it was still hooked in the middle under the sidestand - idiots.)

    But SHEESH this is ridiculous, it's a $30 bike cover from eBay, keeps it nice and dry and clean, it's not worth much second hand!!

    Bloody bastards. Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips on how to foil them next time? I can't see my bike cover lasting very long at this rate.
  2. I would suspect they were simply removing the bike cover to get at the bike - not that they had any interest in the cover itself :LOL:
  3. So you got your bike back?... bought a new one? Congrats!

    Does sound kinda silly to be steeling something worth so little :?
  4. doubtfull they'd be just after the cover.

    more likely they were removing it to get a look at the bike and work out how to remove that. :evil:
  5. God I hope not! I was thinking that because there's two of them they could probably lift it into a truck if they cut through the padlock or cable. (Maybe a second padlock/cable is in order to slow them down even further?)

    They ran pretty fast after the alarm went off though which is encouraging... the thought of losing my gt250 as well is just too much after my beloved gpx. :(
  6. Mine was nicked 2 weeks ago. It was during general cleanup so I'm sure they justified it to themself. If I'd caught them I would have beaten he/she to death with a fish.
  7. Guess they didn't find what they wanted in the hard rubbish but were in the "must not go home emptyhanded" mode. Bloody tightarses stealing bits of tarp.

    Didn't your alarm go off when they nicked it?
  8. I have underground parking with secure gate, but the neighbours occasionally leave it open. Came down one evening to find my bike with cover half on, off its rear race stand and left in a bit of a state.

    Some Muth**f**kers had obviously tried to wheel it out, only to find that the steering lock was set with the handle bars in full left lock (doen't matter if the pushed back or forth, it would have been into one of the walls.

    Lucky she was still there, but with a few scratches on the swing arm where the di*kheads left the race stand :evil:

    So you can never be too safe.

    Why is it that people want to f**k with your s*it all the time!
  9. Yep. It didn't stop them though. The creeps who go around during the cleanups have no hide whatsoever.
  10. I am in an apartment block with no LUG, just off street parking (not undercover either), so when I had my CB250 I had it chained up to the washing line with a cover over it. Sometimes when I was out on the bike I would put the bike cover in the boot of my car, and othertimes i just pegged it on the washing line. One day when out on my bike, when I got home from work the bike cover was gone off the washing line, no where in sight :evil: :evil: I guess my luck was due to run out when it got stolen though, because I had the one cover on there for about 10 months or so and nothing ever happened to it.
    Some people are just pathetic, stealing a bike cover worth $30.
  11. Exactly, I think some people don't care how much something is worth, its just the idea that they can get something for free.