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Life, the universe and everything scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fossil, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Hi scooter enthusiasts,
    Made a return to the scooter fraternity a few months ago after a 10 year absence and I'm having a ball! I've been reading some old and new topics in Netrider and I've got a few ramblings to share:
    Why a scooter and not a bike? As others have said; too lazy to change gears, too old to sit crouched over a fuel tank and too cheap to spend big bucks on an old bike when I can get a classy looking scoot for the same price. I choose to be different.
    Why do people poo-poo scooter riders for wearing protective gear? I came off my old scooter years ago and it hurt like hell! I wasn't wearing protective gear and I lost my rear wheel in gravel after being harrassed by a Land Cruiser. I was picking gravel out of my elbow for a month after the spill. Bike; scooter; push bike - all susceptible to spills that hurt, maim, mangle and kill. There's nothing tough or cool about riding unprotected.
    Why do bike riders see a need to do a zillion kilometres an hour over the speed limit? I read a post elsewhere on this site where a bike rider extolled the virtues of his bike because it could 200 kph. So what! Why would you want a bike that will do 90 - 100 k's over the speed limit. Just asking for trouble ( and please don't give me that mularkey about the exhilarating feeling of the wind rushing through your hair and every other part of your body).
    My scoot does me fine and I enjoy the freedom it gives me.
    Cheers - be smart, be safe, be alive.

  2. +1 on your comments

    Go the Fossil!
  3. greeting fossil and welcome.

    not a scooter rider but 1 comment you made got my attention:

    not that ive seen... most riders i know remark about the lack of safety gear worn by the majority of scooter riders. It is refreshing when you actually see scooter rider wearing full gear, and is to be applauded.

    I pass a few scooter every day on the way to work and cringe at them..... normal office atttire (or less) at 80 on the freeway makes me very worried for them.

    So wear you gear and be happy with your scooter.... if it's got two wheels it's fine by me.
  4. Welcome Fossil, and I like your down to earth approach. I own and ride both bike and scoot, and neither is better than the other, just different, and each better suited to their particular task. My sports bike a pain in traffic, literally and figuratively, but my 250 scoot is a traffic weapon. I wouldn't have much fun flicking it through the twisties though. Different horses for different courses.
  5. welcome fossil.

    I am with Drew, I actually find more comments about scooterist NOT wearing enough protective gear.

    I literally can feel my skin tearing off everytime I see a scooterist wearing thongs, short sleeve and shorts.

    I too have a bike and I must say, I take the scooter just about 90% of the time. So much easier to throw around, park and skip through traffic.
  6. Thanks for the replies people and thanks for the welcome.
    I suppose my comments about protective gear come from watching people on scoots riding around town in shorts and tee shirts. I also saw a posting elsewhere on this site where the contributors were lampooning a guy in a picture for riding a scoot in full leathers.
    In reality you are all right; most people do understand the need for protective gear and do dress appropriately.
    And yeah incitatus, I see where you are coming from about bike v scooter. To be honest, I'd die with a smile on my face if I had just one run around Philip Island on Rossi's YZF (I'd probably "sheet" myself too!)
    Happy scootin'
  7. I actually have a very good reason for riding a scoot over a motor bike and that is my left foot. Basically, I had to get out of a second storey in a hurry which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I landed wrong and broke two bones in my foot. I remember trying out the gear changes on a mates bikes about 12 years ago and having a lot of trouble/pain with that so I bought a 50cc scoot. Back then there wheren't too many around only honda's an yamaha's.

    I am atm trying to free up time to go for my licence. When I spoke to the school, they told me that I can apply for the "re" license permit and with that I can apply either for the motorbike license or the "rea" license which is scooter only. They suggested that I try a lesson on a bike and see how the foot goes. After all, after 12 years, it has improved. Always best to keep ones options open as in the future, I may want to go for the open license for either a motorbike or a maxi scooter, which you cannot do from the rea license, as there is no rea open license, only rea 250.

    about the protective gears, well another reason to wear it is apperantly, If I turn up for the license test wearing proper gloves and jacket and full face, Im "one up" in the eyes of the inspector versus a squid. So for no other reason, if wearing the full gear gives me a better chance of getting my license, then im for that!
  8. Hi Guys
    like yourselves I 'm a old bike rider but I 've been out of the saddle for about 10 years, started riding at 17 with 2 old Vespas and upgraded later on to a couple of Jap 250 sports bikes. I bought the wife a 50cc Vmoto Monza for her birthday last Nov(with safety gear) and I'm keen to get myself a 125+ scooter and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations?

    I certainly enjoy the low maintaince aspect of a scooter, and cheap reliable transport with a bit of fun are my main priority :p
  9. Hi Larrry and welcome.

    If you like the Vespa pattern, try out the GTS250 (fuel injected). There are also some Aprilia and Piaggio scoots with the same 250 motor - all great: with personal preferences, wheel size, ride comfort variety providing great choices. Also some great scoots coming out of Asian manufacturers (PGO, SYM, Kymco). IMHO, the Japanese (at the moment) traditionals have some good low end models and some 'super maxis' but don't currently compete well in the mid-range.

    Anyhoo, hi!
  10. Larry.... with scooters, you really need spend a day going around to all your local shops to test ride the scooters. Depends on if you want a maxi or not, I would highly recommend the Vespa GTS250ie, the 200cc is also good too. Otherwise if you ain't too big, then the Bug Espresso 150cc is supposed to be the fastest in that line up. the Gilera range is also excellent.

    You can check out my "fastest scooter" thread for some ideas.

    With Maxi.... the X9 is just the ultimate, but the Majestic is also good, so is the Tmax.