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Life should be simpler

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Life used to be simple. I had a credit union bank account with a debit card and a loan with another non-banking institution. Then the credit union crept up fees and paid virtually no interest and we go screwed over by Aussie home loans in the takeover of Wizard.

    So I went to another institution for a new loan and bank account. So now we have:
    • an account number
    • A signature for that
    • An access card with it’s own number (each)
    • A pin number for that (each)
    • A credit card number (each)
    • A signature for that (each)
    • A pin number for the credit card (each)
    • A customer reference number
    • An internet access password
    • A password for phone enquiries
    • Another pin number for modifications to on-line accounts
    • A BSB number

    In addition to this in my life I have:
    • A username for my work computer
    • A password for my work computer that changes every 30 days
    • A password for my work e-mail
    • About three different passwords and usernames for different work internet access
    • A pin number for the remote modern when I’m on site
    • Another pin number to access the work server when I’m on site
    • A pin number to access my voicemail at work
    • A username and password for my hotmail
    • A username and password for each of the 4 forum which I am a member
    • A work Amex credit card number
    • A security code for the Amex
    • A pin number for the Amex
    • An access number for online access to my Amex account
    • A pin number for my work mobile
    • Any number of other passwords and pin numbers that my brain just can’t register at the moment.

    FFS these things are meant to form a minor part out our life. The burden this complexity places on people is so great they are left with no choice but to either write down all their information or use the same information everywhere. The result of this is a risk to their own security, which is the complete opposite of the intent of these measures in the first place.

  2. I hear ya.

    I've put off formatting my computer before, just because I couldn't remember half the passwords to the sites that automatically log me in.
  3. actually its recommended that you do this (not bank details tho!). writing computer info and keeping it in your wallet is not necessarily such a problem, and will likely become the norm as password strings need to get longer...
  4. This would all be solved if people would only consent to having tracking chips implanted in them from birth. When I am Ruler of the known Universe watch out. ;)
  5. Wow iBast, that's outta control.

    Having grown up not knowing anything different I just think its normal... The way I cope is this:

    - I have two base passwords used for applications requiring one of two levels of security. Eg, My Gmail, Netrider, whatever else is a low identity theft risk are all based on one, and things requiring more security are based on the other. As/if I am required to change them, I mix up the numbers, caps and non-alpha numerics within that password in a sequential fashion.

    - My banking details are kept separated from each other. Eg, account info in one place, access codes in another. The codes are associated to each financial institution by colour, which I have committed to memory. The access codes have also been run through a simple shift cypher, which is also committed to memory.

    As much as possible I try to standardise on what I have... Codes/passwords are changed to conform with a set of standards that I have as soon as I get them. Should they need to be written down, I apply the shift cypher. It sounds much more complicated than it is. I know its a pain, but if you just go into all these things that log you in automatically (that's evil anyway) and change the passwords to be the same you will thank yourself.
  6. I just wear a tinfoil hat. Stops the CIA from finding out how to access the $27.50 I have in the bank. :p
  7. life is more complicated in this day and age.

    I mean, tooth paste. Cleaning teeth should be a simple activity. But there are like 90 different choices of tooth paste! Anti-plaque, whitening, bi-carb, minty gel, stripey, total, blah blah blah. And that is just colgate!

    We are faced with having to make a choice from a complex array of options for a mundane task like cleaning one's teeth. Selection of the best option brings a little extra pressure in the day.

    And we have to make these choices for every single product: low-fat-hi-cal-soy-rice-milk, double-action-extra-concentrate-earth-friendly-detergent, farm-fresh-free-range-non-GM-large-eggs, extra-trim-organic-sheep-friendly-lamb-mince.

    My way of coping with all these stresses is not to go shopping, nor to clean my teeth.
  8. Ha. True story Fekkinell. Maybe I am just a little bit paranoid.
  9. Life may not be simpler but it sure is more convenient. You can do all of your banking, super, shares, tax, bills, rego, shopping (including food) etc etc from anywhere at anytime thanks to all those extra passwords and numbers you need to remember.
  10. Yeah eggs get me too. Size, free range, corn fed, etc, etc. you want to get good quality, do the right thing, but not get reamed.

    Same goes with toilet paper, the choices are so complicated there is no way of making a reasonable price comparison.
  11. Life's ok now..
    I can remember the days before credit cards, ATMs etc..if you didn't make to the bank on Friday arvo you were stuffed for the weekend......
    Trust me...it's better now.
  12. But how hard could it be to have one card and one access code for all my banking needs?

    Life is complicated enough with things that actually matter. Why complicate them in areas that should be only cursory?
  13. I work for a car dealership, over 5 sites, on 3 different networks

    So I have 5 sets of passwords and systems (systems are different at each site) totalling about 3 pages of usernames and passwords.
    They all get changed every 1-2 months, but not in sync with each other.

    And my employer wonders why we have to stop and think before doing anything!
  14. Even more reason to buy acreage and become self sufficient. Convenience is good but not when it means you are entirely dependent on modern technology.
  15. thus why i still sign for my credit card.
    im finally down to 2 passwords for my whole life.
    no you people cant have them
  16. well aren't ya glad we have mobile phones, or else you got about another 10 numbers you would need to remember :p
  17. I actually keep my passwords & PINs on my mobile phone (for convenience)... had a BIG prob when my phone ran out of oooomph and I could not remember the password to start the bloody thing once it had been recharged!!! Der!!!!

  18. But that would mean that someone with that access code would have access to ALL your banking details etc. The easier it id for you, the easier it is for an identity thief. I'm all for an implanted code, hell, i've already got a few hundred grams of plastic and metal in my knee so a bit more can't hurt right? :grin:
  19. Mitch has got it in one. Security is a convenience trade off. You can't have both.

  20. I just pass the bills on to you then Minister for Finance ;)