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Life or Death Mechanics...!!! Any ideas???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Slider, May 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all...

    Around 2 months ago (or 2000-3000kms ago) I took the RGV into Peter Stevens (City) to have my rear brakes done. Now i'm the first to admit I am hopeless when it comes to things mechanical, thought it would be best to have it done by 'professionals'...after all, it is my life!

    I had realised my rear pads where getting to the end of their life and had just started to get that horrible scratching/metallic noise. I prpmptly took the bike in and asked for the rear brakes to be replaced and the disk machined (if required). Picked her up and away we went.

    Last week I had an off due to the rear locking whilst heading into an intersection. Initially I thought it was just rider error...grabbed to much of the rears and locked them up. At the time I couldn't understand why I didn't come off them and go harder on the fronts???...anyway we both ended up on our sides :cry:

    The problem is that when I took the bike into the repairer...he asked me why I hadn't changed the rear pads :shock: I advised him that I had done just that less than 2 months ago...now he is of the opinion it's impossible to go through a new set of pads in less than 5000kms and I tend to agree with him. He also noted that part of the pad had broken off (possibly explaining the lock).

    What do you guys think? I think i've been stooged... :? and whats worse, it could have ended with me permanently crippled or even dead :evil:
    Is their any recourse I can take with PS? Should I advise my insurance company (mechanic says not to as i won't see the bike for months! :roll: )
    Surely there must be a way tohold these 'cowboys' to account for their actions? Any ideas?
  2. after you got the bike back from PS did the horrible scratching/metallic noise cease to exist? if so they must of fixed/replaced 'something.'

    it's one of those hard to prove things :? you'd need reciepts of the work, evidence the old pad hadn't been replaced etc etc.

    sorry to hear about the accident, at least it sounds like you got away serious-injury free.
  3. I had my brakes in a car done at a brake "specialist"... when I picked up the car... I went streight through 6 lanes on princess and smashed the front of the car... they forgot to put the pads in...
    They fixed the car and I come to pick it up again... they actualy showed me the new pads installed in the car :) so I went out again accross 6 lanes of trafic and again smashed the car... they forgot to put in the brake fluid!!!

    From that moment on I did all my brakse MY self!!! so far I have reconditioned calipers, slave and master cilinders... and ofcourse all pad changes...
  4. ahehehe. very funny, good joke.
  5. Thats sooooo bad...!

    When i brought my first bike (my only bike..lol) it is ment to be roadworthy when you but it from a dealer, i took it home only to find the swing arm had a huge crack and one of the radiator hoses had a split..
    Not nearly as bad as your situation but pisses you off just the same....

    Lordtb..Ahahaha, great story.
  6. The sad thing is, it is a true story... My very first car... Datsun 180b....
  7. t is very hard to find garage/mech to trust. I do know of a few though.

    I think the worst I've had for roadworthiness is when I bought my Hi-Ace.

    I got it at City Toyota. Should be able to trust them I thought.
    I paid my dep and they said come back next week and it will be ready, roadworthy etc has to be done. OK.

    I take it home and notice it rolls like a sick cow when I turn left sharply. There is also an intermittent clanging noise at the front. After about a week I found it.

    There was no bracket on the front torsion bar on the left side to hold it to the chassis. I could have ripped the other on off and anything could have happened.

    City Toyota didn't want to know about it until I went to Vic Roads and they told me to tell them I had spoken to them and to fix it Now.

    It still took them more than 3 weeks to get it done locally here. You should have heard the bull. They said they had to get the part from Sydney, then Brisbane, the Tokyo.
    The local Toyota dealer could not give a rats arse about it either because I didn't buy it from them. Fantastic.

    Two things.
    Don't trust the/this seller. Get your own mech to look at it.
    Don't expect local help.

  8. I would ask the person repairing the bike to write a report, then take it to PS and see what they have to say for themselves. If they do nothing just them them know that every rider you see will know the full story about how they tried to kill you.
  9. rule 1. find a mechanic you trust and stick with him .
    know you know why
  10. what I have found over the past fiew years helping people out with their mechanical problems is two things:

    1. Dealerships put on dogy roadworthys on their bikes/cars EVEN on brand new ones. (my cuz bought a new car off the lot only to find out it was wreaten off in the sydney hail storms)

    2. Big chain mechanics (ultra tune, Lube mobile, Kmart, Brake Plus, etc) have less expiriance, know how and qualifications than a back yeard mechanic!!

    I do all my and my friends servicing and repairs as they all expirianced bad mechanics and bad service.
  11. whenever you have any work done to your car or bike always ask the mechanic to show you the old parts they have replaced. It proves they have done the work and you might learn more about the way your car or bike functions.
  12. Which part of the roadworthy would have been dodgy on a car with hail damage? Surely they'd just get a panel beater to pop out all the marks, maybe give it a respray and off you go.
  13. "wreaten off in the sydney hail storms"

    Written off - Cannot be legally re-sold..... EVER.

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  15. Slider you are more than welcome to setup a signature like I have, sorry you had to find out this way.
  16. Tell me about it...the problem is the 'trial and error' you have to go through to find one! (thanks for the PM!!!)

    I have been referred to a great bloke out in Montrose...anyone out that way looking for a decent wrench PM me and I'll give you the details :D

    One more thing, Should I go and punch the service manager at PS? :twisted:
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  18. Yep Pete is worth his weight in gold.
  19. incorrect.. written off just means it will cost more to repair the vehicle than it is worth (ie buying a new vehicle) if you have the means to repair it for a cheaper price (do your own work to it) or just want it reparied anyway no matter what the cost (centimental value etc) then as long as it can be re-registed (pass the green slip pits) its all good to sell again
  20. I don't know where you heard that. That's not what "written off" means at all. Written off is just a term which is used to describe an asset which it is not economically viable to repair. The accountants write the value of that asset off their books.

    In most states there are now two types of written off vehicles. Repairable write offs and statutory write offs. A repairable write off can be re-registered again. Statutory write offs are usually vehichles which have suffered major structural damage. These laws were changed to stop people from re-birthing stolen vehicles.