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Life is too short for......

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 17, 2010.

  1. List the things for which you will not accept inferior substitutes, not matter what the cost.

    Life is too short for

    cheap toilet paper :)shock:)

    bad coffee

    any porridge other than Uncle Toby's........
  2. Great thread idea!

    Cheap cuts of steak

    Jailbait Scotch

    (OK, I have expensive tastes!)
  3. Blended scotch
    Instant coffee
    Public transport
  4. cheap tyres.

    regular unleaded.
  5. motorcycle forums
  6. Whingers
  7. Hear, hear.

    Toilet paper.

    I'm easily pleased.
  8. Pepsi (instead of Coke)
    Dirty undies
    Compound chocolate
    Text messaging (give them a call! :) )
    Buying bottled water
    Riding a hyoflung
    Always being in a rush - slow down and chill out
    Not taking holidays
    Being on a diet
    Not enjoying the little things
    Not buying the things that make you happy (MOTORBIKES!)
    Not doing the things you wanna do

    EDIT: WICKED thread idea!! I'm digging it! :D
  9. making pointless lists!!!
  10. oh, yeah, lowercase, cheap chocolate; if it's going to take you out, it may as well be in style :LOL:
  11. Guys, stop bagging this thread. It's a great idea, and obviously life is too short to be dissing stuff that you (don't?) have time to reply to anyways :p (you look a bit silly now, doncha? :rofl: )
  12. Bad Chocolate definitely is at the top of my list.
    Bring on some Droste, Lint, starting at 60% or something single origin from Madagascar or Venezuela
  13. Life's too short for FALCON-LORD (don't bother replying, I've had you on "ignore" for ages.)

  14. Life is too short to buy PVC jackets.

    Life is too short to own cheap shoes.

    Life is too short to do things twice.
  15. cheating, abusive spouses
    crap beer
    only eating cheddar cheese
    forum uses who don't search :p
    forum mods who endlessly say "read the T&C's" :p
  16. What is so special about Uncle Toby's?

    I buy Lowan Rolled Oats. Makes awesome porridge.


    +1 cheap and nasty chocolate / crappy coffee
    margarine - gotta be butter or nuthin'
    cheap olive oil - gotta be extra virgin or nuthin'
  17. Whinging over traffic offences when you were at fault (we've probably all done it too)
    Driving a car through nice roads when you could be on a bike
    Complaining about bad weather
    Not standing up for what you believe in
    Reading crappy magazines
    Not enjoying good weather (especially if you've been complaining about the bad weather!)
    Hanging out with people you don't like
    Being pretentious
    Wearing a tie
    Wearing heels that hurt
    Arguing with idiots
    Not taking a few "sickies" every now and then and going to somewhere like the beach
    Working at a job you intensely dislike (no matter how good the money - it's not worth it!)
    Not finishing the things important to you
    Wearing poor quality motorbike gear
    Being nasty to others
    Never telling your loved ones how you feel
    Being stressed

  18. bit of cross-dressing going on at you end LC :LOL:????
  19. Life's too short not to? :-?