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Life is good

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Finished a pipe welding job on site today at about lunch time. Seeing it was such a nice day the rest of the day at work was cancelled due to lack of interest :D :D Home we go, on with the leathers, fire up the bike & I'm off. Through the back roads down to Anglesea & then on to Lorne & Apollo bay. I dont care who bags the Ocean road but I still reckon its a blast in the middle of the week. Cruise along the straight bits & through the towns until you hit the corners then off we go :D There was some great scenery down there today let me tell you -hard to concentrate in spots. Nearly to Apollo bay & the bike stutters & stops. WTF? Hit the starter & shes dead as a door nail. New battery last week so it must be the regulator/rectifier. Cool off for a bit, push start & off we head for home. Turn off at Lorne & head up over the ranges through to Deans Marsh -thats a really neat bit of road, only 1 mobile chicane to pass & the rest of the road is mine :D :D Back through all the little back roads into Geelong & a visit to the local bike electrician. New regulator & a good yarn to a few bike riding dudes in there & the bikes as good as new. Fire up & another 1/2 hour cruise out of town & around -this is to recharge the battery you see, way more fun than putting it on the charger, & home we go. Life doesnt get any better than this. Bugger, work tomorrow. Oh well, the weekends only a day away. See yous on the road :D :D