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NSW Life insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sunite, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. just got crap from hcf .... im covered by them for life insureence and i read " we dont cover any accidents that may occur on mtorcycles or scooter"

    i was heartbroken.......

    where u pplz get cover for this???

    and also not just death either, if u stack and lose an arm, e.c.t (the worse)

  2. yer was reading some b4 about tac.... we r in nsw so we dont get tac and so we have to cover our own
  3. oh dear, I don't know, unless your mum is forcing you to have it why do you bother?
  4. I would say ambulance cover was more important, with the amount they charge if subscribe
  5. I think there other forms of insurance that may cover injury like private health insurance and/or income protection insurance and disability & trauma trauma to cover you if you are permanently impaired.
    You may need to seek advice from your insurance adviser.
  6. insurance advisor.......


    well my parents i think have let me ride my bike an so they r payin my life insurence bill and all, but cant seem to find one covering bikers, has anyone found any yet? that covers bikers???
  7. your covered by TAC insurance if you injure yourself in a bike crash so don't worry about it, well in Vic anyway...
  8. In Vic, your ambulance membership is not called upon if you crash on the roads. i.e you don't have to be a member to get a ride on an ambo, TAC take care fo the ride.

    But if you stop for a leak and fall down an embankment you are not covered by TAC and you need ambo cover.
  9. vic wrote
    Groberts , take note!
  10. Like the others have said you are pretty young to want life insurance, and I thought you had to be over 18 to enter into a contract like that too.

    But the answer to your question is yes there are a number of products available. For example MBF sent me some propaganda the other day for a life insurance product as I have my private health insurance with them. If you go to their website you should see it there. Just make sure you check the definition of Motor Vehicle - it usually includes motorcycles (it did in this case if I recall correctly??). Just read the PDS/policy wording to make sure.

    If you do a hunt around on all the private health insurers websites you should find some other examples - insurance companies will usually cover almost anything if you are prepared to pay for it! Getting the money back out of them in the event of a claim is usually more difficult!
  11. Many superannuantion scheme's include life insurance.
  12. Even harder when you're dead :)
  13. yer had a look on the mbf, like 35 bucks a month for cover and will give back 250,000 if i die from illness/whateva and double dat if i die on the road (bonus!!!!)
  14. Life Insurance and Health Insurance are two different things too.
  15. A bit of deja vu with your post Mouth... ? :D

    Super scheme life insurance can be really good - most don't require medicals etc or have much in the way of restrictions (always consult the PDS though to check if they are m/c friendly). Many super schemes have them built into the policy (like VicSuper which gives an aged based payout) but some don't by default - although you can set insurance up on pretty much all super plans. Most of the default ones don't deliver a lot of money, eg maybe $80k depending on your age. It'll cost you a few percent of your yearly super contributions (all the fees are taken from your super, so you don't have to fork out any cash). If you have a few different super policies that you haven't yet rolled into one, you can claim against all of them as well.
  16. you are talking about LIFE insurance and not HEALTH insurance aren't you?

    Does TAC really cover both health AND life? Sounds a little iffy to me! I might concede a point about loss of earnings etc while injured, but not life insurance for dependants.

    btw, life insurance is only important if you have dependants or major debts that would fall to a guarantor
  17. TAC covers medical expenses for Ambulance, Emergency, Acute and Rehab etc - not life insurance.
  18. I have just renewed my Life Insurance through Aviva (Used to be Norich I think) and one of the specific questions I asked my advisor was am I covered on the bike.

    And I am. It seems like some do and some dont. A lot of them deem it to be "Motor Sports" and in that case, driving your car off road is also deemed as motor sports.

    One of the specifics on mine was do you race or something to that extent, where is was implying that you are not using it for personal commuting / leisure use.

  19. tac also pays a death benefit to dependants, spouse etc if you kick the bucket from a road related incident. you get more if you die on the way to/from work or driving for work etc ;)... blah...

    its actually really easy to get money out of the tac if a relative dies on the road, but if you dont die its a biatch :(
  20. You mean people actually buy life insurance?

    I thought it was just one of those things that door-to-door salespeople sell that nobody buys.