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Life in the big city

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Was heading into the parking level of the apartment complex I live in this afternoon. As I walk in, a bloke about my age and what looked like his elderly parents were heading the opposite way. Said G'Day to them as we passed and I only got a response from the oldies. The young bloke was just eyes straight ahead to avoid eye contact. Then once we were about 10 metres apart I overhear him saying to his olds "Why did you say hello to him?" Have to say this stopped me in my tracks and I had to look back. Since when is acknowledging a simple Hello bad form?

  2. Sad sign of the times isn't it. Smile at strangers when you walk down the street and watch the reaction from them.

    I was at a car boot sale today, older folk i.e. other sellers as well as buyers didn't have any trouble chatting, younger e.g. under 30, little chance.
  3. some people are just stupid. its always good to say hello to somebody. especially if they look at u and u look at them. just bad form by that guy
  4. . . . .greg, you weren't walking around with your side-arm again were you !!! :grin:

  5. Not just big cities - I'd lived next door to the same person for two years (in a block of flats) and they never once returned my hellos or acknowledged I existed. Funnny thing is that when they were moving out I happened to be washing the car and their Father wandered over and had quite a lengthy chat with me (though was probably trying to get out of doing any work :LOL:). I don't know what it is with many people, I've had many good conversations with complete strangers but virtually all of them have been over the age of 50.
  6. No....I had my automatic 5.56 assault rifle. Why? Do you think that might have been the problem? :LOL:

    I do live in Surry Hills remember.
  7. I blame forums, sms, emails and modern life in general - people don't talk to people much anymore :LOL:
  8. Why I live in the Shire.
    People smile, nod, chat, say hello, all the time.
    When I lived at Cronulla I knew everyone who worked in the shops or owned a business there.
    Like a small village.

    My front door is always wide open unless I am going to sleep, same with my neighbors.
    We all know each by name, have chats and drinks in each others apartments all the time.

    They can use my kayaks, I can borrow their cars.

    I know it's not like this in many parts of Sydney, it's why I'll never live in any other part.
  9. I remember locking the doors of my GFs car in Far East Gippsland. She complained that it wasn't necessary in the country. I explained, it's a reflex.
  10. Yeah i know its ridiculous, if i walk down the street here ill probably get one response to every hundred g'days...
  11. I'm as anti-social as the next sub 30yo, but I always return a 'Hello'. I sometimes even hod to people (depends on sleep and caffein levels).
  12. Reminds me of that scene in Crocodile Dundee where he's walking down a crowded New York street, saying "G'day" to every person coming the other way.

    I've not noticed people being especially unwilling to acknowledge a greeting, although as a rule older people seem more willing to say hello if I pass them while out walking my dog, etc.

    But on the other hand, older people are often the rudest - eg, not saying thanks or acknowledging if you hold a door open for them. I may be an old fart, but I'm not a rude old fart.