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Life Expectancy of Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jfiddy, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been scouring over the older posts and come up with vague info...

    I've just bought a load of leather Alpinestars gear (jacket, boots, pants, gloves) and wanted to know what's the average life expectancy of this gear until I have to replace them (in years or kilometres)?

    I'm guessing the boots will be depreciated first, then gloves, jacket and pants.

    Cheers guys.

  2. Gloves will probably go before boots.
    leathers should get you a decent number of years. A lot depends on how well you look after them. If you get caught in the rain often etc.
  3. for me.

    helmet: 2years
    boots 12 months
    gloves 2-3years
    jacket should be pretty long time
    jeans 1 year

    all depends on quality and ammount of crashes.

    my boots are shit
  4. 1,259 hour 53,674Km's (whichever comes first)
  5. Yeh, massively crash dependent.

    Leathers.... Remain conscious at all times. Those f*ckers in ambulances are scissor happy. Mine have been through 30+ crashes though, half dozen at medium speed (100+) and they've always been repairable.

    Helmets do bed in excessively after a while, but you can get new liners on the good ones.

    Gloves... thin is good for feel, but replace often.

    Boots... I will always get good quality boots with replaceable parts and get cobbler to put on new soles. No break in time :)
  6. devo's post pretty much sums it up.
    depends how much you crash really.
    and yeah, gloves will almost always wear through first, simply through use.
  7. So going by your responses, I should be looking to replace all my gear in five years:

    Boots x 2.5 x $400
    Gloves x 3 x $120
    Pants x 1 x $500
    Jacket x 1 x $700
    Helmet x 1.5 x $500

    = $3310 per 5 years.

    Does this sound right for most people?
  8. Scary when you write it out like that, but probably not far off. Only thing that sounds different from my experience is boots - I've had mine since Ls (4years-ish) wearing almost daily and they're still fine.

    As stated, crashes and maintenance will have negative and positive effects respectively.
  9. What you're doing wrong is adding up the cost. Further, you're doing it in dollars. That makes the numbers sound high. I talk about everything in terms of tyres. eg. "Shit those Ohlins are cheap, that's only three sets of tyres." See, tyres are expendable, and only 3 sets of something expendable isn't much, so it's a sensible purchase. Said purchase is made, and never spoken of again, and certainly not given the disservice of being placed in a spreadsheet with other such purchases.
  10. I like your style. The missus on the other hand...
  11. if you look after your leathers they will last for years. if you are anything like the rest of us you'll be picking up bits and pieces over the years as you see them cheap, so it will be more a matter of retiring something than replacing it.
  12. Have a bank account put about $20 a week into it. You will have enough for your next set of gear (generally) also have it covered with insurance.

    When I crashed one of the first things said to me "Are you attached to you jacket and pants because we may be cutting them off" Thankfully they didn't becuase it was freezing cold
  13. I was hoping for a reply more like this one. I'm fairly conservative when riding. I've had a leather jacket (not for riding) for over ten years that I wear often that has only just faded and stretched slightly so I was expecting riding leathers to be the same.
  14. Nope 10 years here
    Boots 2x $260 (look for specials)
    Gloves 3x $240 (one pair for winter, one for summer)
    Jackets (I do own about 3 jackets though one leather one textile one (x2) summer :$1050
    Helmets x3 $900
    Jeans x3 $350
    Riding pants $150
    Total over 10 years $2950

    Most of the gear was retired and replaced.
  15. At least when you are looking to replace gear - unless you leave it until it's basically falling apart - you will have heaps of time to look for specials and haggle between places.
    I found when I got my first set of geat it was pretty rushed, 2nd set was much better as I could price up and look around more.
  16. would you expect a dearer helmet to last longer then a cheapie?
    say a $400 lid vs an $800 lid?

    i guess the same could be questioned for gear..
  17. I've got a feeling that cheap boots last just as long as the expensive ones.
  18. IMO there's less difference between a $400-500 compared to a $800+ helmet in wear/life expectancy than the difference between the $4-500 vs anything less....
  19. what happens to the helmets that you guys replace? Do you keep them for old times sake, throw em out or delegate them for the odd pillion use?
  20. I will probably keep mine for a while, until the MRS gets sick of it and I have to turf them.

    If one saves my life one day, I will keep it if at all possible.