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Life-changing decisions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by say_wat, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Get the Ninja 250r

  2. Wait indefinitely for Suzuki / Yamaha

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  3. Get another 250 as I'll explain below (or not)

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  4. Stick to a 600/1000

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  1. Okay, I've read reviews and threads on this bike and this isn't a simple "Should I buy it?" thread. Thing is, I'm in the process of selling my R1 :cry: and I have a little fzr250 which I will sell soon too. Naturally the ensuing void in my life will need to be filled with lots of drugs and indiscriminate sexual encounters ...oh and another bike!

    I like fully faired bikes and I like 250s. They're small, nimble, easy to manouvre, fun and zippy enough for road riding - ultimately because they allow full use (almost) of their power and capabilities. Oh and they're cheap as chips to register.

    I was hoping for some input from you esteemed NR folks about my temptation to buy a Ninja 250r. We've all read reviews for them, they're a decent bike, especially considering all the other 250s available on the market are either >15 years old or a pile of krap (hyosung).

    My main considerations in buying the ninja would be:
    1) Resale value in around a year or so
    2) Release of any other 250cc (suzuki/yamaha) in the next year or so
    3) Availability of any other option (reliable 250s) these days

    ...or should I just stick to getting another 600/1000?

    Any input from you lads and lasses would be muchly appreciated.

    Its either this now, or a 600/1000 in approximately six months - I won't be bikeless as I'll have the fzr250 for that duration.

  2. If you want a 250, get one.

    If you want power, get the 600/1000

    I can fkn stand the weak ass act of my 250 (and the one before it)

    I'm busting my gut to get on a big bike and be able to overtake people without taking 3 mintues to fkn do so!!! GRRRRR

    I reckon the ninja is a decent bike. You will always lose out on the resale if you get a brand new 250. The older ones keep their value better.....

    Or just get both dude!
  3. LAMS might just undermine the resale on a smaller capacity machine. That's not certain, but bear it in mind.

    (I know it's not what you nominated as your favourite style, but it has to be said: 'motard?)
  4. LAMS has done nothing to resale so far, for what i've seen. and i dont believe it will change much. at all.
    unless the market is flooded with >260cc LAMS bikes, which will force the price of <260cc bikes down. and theres bugger all about. only LAMS >260cc bike im after is a duke 600M or 620IE. theres 3 on bikesales, in Oz :roll: VTR250 on the other hand, over 50 in Vic alone, a couple of hundred across Oz i think.

    back on topic, get a 250. you yourself said u enjoy them, theyre fun to wring the shit out of :grin: i love my VTR250's, i will keep one even after i upgrade i think. just so much fun!

    with the Ninja250, it will drop value obviously being a new bike, and possibly slightly more WHEN suzuki/yamaha release their 250. i say WHEN, coz i really believe they will. up to you whether you wait or not, it might be longer than 6 months though :?

    i say wait and pray for the new VTR250F to be released here :p :LOL:
    but seriously, i think 250, but your choice what you want. go test ride the new Ninja! see what you think :)
  5. Unless I missed something in another thread, why are you selling the R1? A 250 is going to be an awful come-down, surely??
  6. Why not get a 2-stroker Aprilia or even RGV?

    So simple to work on and they have the power to outdo bigger bikes, and well anyone who's ridden one knows how good they are in the twisties and at speed, if not at accelerating.
  7. If you enjoy using all the throttle and the manoeverability of the 250s, check out a 600 Hornet. Those things are hooliganism personified, and brilliant in traffic. Plus you should pick one up secondhand for loads less than the Ninja 250.

    If you decide on a 250, I'd be recommending an older GPX, those things are virtually the same as the new Ninja, plenty of power, very proven design and good fun to ride, as well as being stupid cheap.
  8. 250s are perfectly fine for most tasks, except straight line acceleration; something I find myself doing less and less of as most of my riding is in the city or the odd twisty bits on weekends.

    I totally agree with nibor on all issues except the vtr250f :p, we had LAMs in Sydney for a long time (when I was there) and the faired 250s were still just as expensive as ever. Which leads me to the issue of resale, if decade old 250s are being sold for $5000, shouldn't the ninja 250r cost more than that in resale?

    Hornet, you haven't missed anything - even my girlfriend tells me I don't share much lol I've had a 250 for a while now and use it more regularly than the r1; having two bikes and two cars means that registration costs are prohibitive and I don't get to spend quality time with any individual vehicle (odd excuse, I know). To compund it all, I dont even seem to have time to ride besides commuting :( .

    I know I'll upgrade within a year to an r6 or zx6r as soon as I get more free time, hence the resale concern. I could just keep the fzr250 but i'd like something that handles a little better and is a little easier to maintain... or i could just harden the F up.
  9. I'd love a 2 banger- I've ridden them a few times and I assure you if I were a mechanic or had more time on my hands I'd take one in a heartbeat! The thought of rebuilding them every so often is so daunting that I'd steer clear of them.

    Loz, although no fairings, the Hornet 600 or the sv650 sounds like a good option? Maybe with aftermarket fairings... they do look horn with the belly fairings.

    Out of curiosity, if anyone knows, do LAM bikes >250cc cost more to register than <250cc?
  10. hey dude... sell the fzr and fighter the r1. is that thing still in your living room? :LOL:
  11. Hehe, NAM every true biker has had their bike in the lounge/bedroom :p Nah took it out a while ago (remember I borrowed ur ramp again lol!)

    I love streetfighered r1s - unfortunately the r1 is now sold ... I regret it already :cry:
  12. oooh if ur upgrading in a year or something, fcuk buying new. resale always drops, unless u get a good bargain and a stupid buyer :LOL: , but resale from a brand spanker always sucks more. fugg it and get a 2nd hand 2fiddy :grin:

    thats the tits off her, u know u like it :grin: :grin:

    then pass it on to someone else when the time comes :p
  13. If you like the look of the ninja get one.

    I've had mine for a month now, and had no dramas. nice bike to ride

    HOwever with photos of this surfacing i'd be keen to jump aboard the yama train if it looks this good.
    SPeculated to be released in 2010 in the states, but is supposedly going to be a bit more exy than the ninja. If you can wait that long then fair enough, but i fear you'll probably have already had something else by then and sold it for a 600/1000

    nice looking bike i reckon. Lets hope it looks this good when it actually gets released.
  14. For the price you pay for a 250 I would be looking for a 400. The VFR 400 is not learner legal so I think that tends to keep the price down. All the attributes of a 250 but with more balls. Smaller than a lot of 250's with not a lot more weight. Reliable as a hammer and with a few inexpensive mods will corner on thought input alone. Mines geared to do 200 and it gets there pretty smartly -not embarresed by bikes of a lot larger capacity. Just a thought.
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    That speedo is waaaay too optimistic.

    On topic - it sounds like you know what you wanna do - stick with the 250 then see whether you have more time in a year to buy another big bike.

    Is it really worth selling your current 250 to buy another when you are just gunna sell it in 12 months? I'd keep it then upgarde in a year if you have more time.

    ...of course you realise you should have sold the 250 and kept the R1 don't you?! :LOL:
  17. Yes the YZF-R4 looks amazing, its obviously a photoshop of the r6 but Yamaha would do well with using this design though. 2010 in States means even longer to Australia ... here's to hoping I'll have a Ducati Desmosedici by then :cool: .

    I'd like to have kept the r1, but 1) it was easier to sell and 2) registration costs of the 250 are easy as.

    One of the main reasons I'm staying below 250cc is the cheap registration costs else I'd be all over a vfr400...maybe with a bit of a tyga kit on it, yum. The rvf400 was hot out of the box, but its a LAM for some reason and you'd be hard pressed getting one for under $8000.

    PS. I like any sentence with both bike and tits in it (except if its 'man-tits').
  18. oh yeh it does look great. i'll be keeping my eye on it when they release it eventually (too far away!)
    If your not after a power machine than really a 250 is a good option.
    I look at mine like this.....
    it goes well enough for me (i'm not chasing power)
    it gets me where i want to go and does what i want
    it handles well
    it's light and agile enough
    it looks good
    it is cheap to run (390km/17L tank)
    cheap to insure/rego etc
    Yes i'm on my L's and cant ride anything else, but i think i'll be hard pressed to get rid of this once i'm on my opens, because it ticks all my boxes. ;)
  19. Don't worry, I'm sure MG will quote this post when you have your "My new bike" thread in 12 months and it's a litre bike ;)