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life beyond the cage

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bogotron, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow netriders !
    For many a year i was stuck in a cage,
    T3 lane fines,gridlock traffic,a part of my inner rage,
    I'd look around at single people in 5 seat cars and realised we all weren't getting that far,
    So on a holiday just past bali to Nusa Lembongan,
    i rode a little scooter that copped quite a floggin,
    where once i was blind , now i could see ,
    Being on two wheels was my way to be freed.
    Freed from the cage like a tiger on acid
    broke out of the system that made me feel flacid,
    9 months on a baby just out of the whomb,
    A mummy arisen from the curse of the tomb,
    totally wrapped by my two wheel decision,
    twisting the throttle with rocket surgeon precision (lol)
    eye of thundera peripheral vision,
    Alive with adrenaline now that i have ridden.

    Just a fun version of why , how and the reasons i keep going back for more.
    I Started on a Gs500 then upgrade to Sv650s pointy, yoshi can , middle aged twisty road rider thats found another love.
    Cheers all , peace out,

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  2. Hello and welcome, Bali on a scooter is one way to start out.
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  3. Welcome, better late than never!
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  4. Howdy Andy, and welcome to NR!
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  5. Wonderfully poetical, welcome Andy...
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  7. Good onya welcome
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  8. I laughed out loud at this, nice and welcome.
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  9. Welcome and yes, the world is your oyster when you have two wheels.
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  10. Cheers all for the Welcome ! Lovin the site , learning heaps from the great info on here.
    i really dig the comradery of netrider and motorcyclists in general , especially taking the time to help out us newnoobies with the basic questions. having tools like netrider and google really helps gain that knowledge and confidence out on the road.
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  11. Welcome to NR..
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  12. Hello and welcome Grav3diggaGrav3digga! Quite unique intro :) Enjoy your new life on two wheels!
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  13. welcome aboard :]
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  14. Ahhh....... poetry in motion that's a 1st. Welcome to the circus Grav3diggaGrav3digga if we can get you to add some controversy and raunch to your work you will fit in just fine.
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