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Life after LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Geoffrius, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. G'day Guys,

    Did QRide on Saturday and now have my open licence (R).

    For the past few months, I've been thinking about which bike to get after LAMS. Some that come to mind:

    • Honda CB1100f
    • Bonneville
    • Honda VFR800x Crossrunner
    • Street Triple
    • z750
    Currently on a CB400 which is good - but I'm looking for something with a bit more grunt. My riding style is laid back - I ride for the enjoyment of riding and am happy just going from a to b in my own time (I do a bit of commuting and highway riding + back roads). Not really a fan of cruisers due to their lack of agility (that's my perception anyway).

    My next bike is something that I want to keep for a while - i.e. 3-4 years. I'm going to try and take a Bonnie for a test ride this Sat - dealer permitting ;)

    What was your first bike after LAMS?


  2. Z1000 :demon:

    Jumped into the deep end straight away, and loving it!
  3. GSXR 600

    still grinning
  4. unless you're light, I would skip the Z750. It's a sleeved down 1000 motor so it weighs the same as a litre bike but without the pull. It was my first bike post LAMS and I sold it within a year to get the Z1000sx.

    don't buy anything without riding the street triple. I couldn't have one for my daily ride as it gets too hot for my liking, but I still think that the Striple (especially the R) is one of the best bikes ever made in terms of the grin factor.
  5. Thanks guys for your input so far. Will skip the Z750.

    The NC700SA looks ok but I haven't been able to check one out in the flesh yet.

    Forgot to mention that I did QRide on a CB600F Hornet - was pretty zippy, seemed ok on the highway with little to no buffeting as well.
  6. GSX1400 or Bandit 1250
  7. 1st non LAMS bike

    Suzuki Boulevard M109r
  8. Just saw a gsf1250 on Bikesales - I'm now checking out some reviews. These look like a decent machine.

    Used with 1075km, stain tune exhaust and a radiator guard. Have asked the dealer for a test ride

    Decisions, Decisions.
  9. The only thing ill say is if you go straight to a massive engine bike, like a thousand or more, you kinda kill off the potential for you to ever really enjoy a 600 and so on, then you will be regulated to riding 1000cc or more for the rest of your life, or risk being bored by the slowness.

    If i was you i would grab a 600cc and ride it for a year or two then move up to a slightly bigger engine for another year or two etc, that way you get to experience lots of bikes and have all of them feel ****ing insane.
  10. I ride a thou and still like jumping on all sorts of bikes including 600s. It's true you only jump on a thou and get that raw power feeling once but you can still appreciate other bikes.
  11. I had a 250 on restrictions, the same 250 after restrictions, and still ride a (different) 250 every day. :)

    I can't be trusted with larger bikes :LOL:.
  12. Agree, it is fun going up and down bikes. Big bikes are fun but so are small bikes.

    I had one of these as my first bike after my 250cc (Lams wasn't around).

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  13. Don't take the NC700SA suggestion seriously. Saying in the same breath as Streety/Z1000 etc is just loonieville.
  14. My last bike was a gixxer thou
    My current is a 1800cc and it's got nothing on the mental factor of the gixxer
    Bigger engine but totally different power delivery
    Bigger isn't always better, it just depends on what you want from a bike
  15. Id love to get a smaller bike too just so i could thrash it a little more.
    Maybe when mrs messy gets her next bike i can thrash that...
  16. go the street triple - very similar riding position to the cb400, had as much as it has a reputation as a hoon bike, the spread of torque makes it easy to ride around on. Can get a little buzzy if you're sat on 100+ for long periods but apart from that, its a hoot.
  17. Thanks for all the feedback so far guys.

    This weekend I'm testing the Bonneville and am trying to find a CB1100 to take out for a run as well.

    Unfortunately the next bike after the CB400 will be a keeper for some time, so I've gotta get the decision right cos I've gotta live with it for a while!

    I had a look at the NC700SA - it's not for me. Too small and narrow in my opinion.
  18. Best of luck! May the best bike win. :)
  19. I'll be interested in seeing what you think of the Honda CB1100 if you get a chance to ride it, especially compared to the CB400.