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Lids is going for her licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FormerUser3, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Lids has booked for her licence, lets give her the support she needs, improving every ride and I think she will romp it in.... :D :D

  2. Good on you, Lids! Best of luck and remember to relax. :)
  3. Yep, you're sure to walk it Lids :)
  4. Better if she rides it in then out?
    :p :LOL: :wink:
  5. Go Lids show us all how it is done properly.
  6. Good luck Lids, i'm sure you'll do fine.
  7. Have at it Lids!!!!

    Just remember don't let your mind run away with you......don't over think it and stress out....just get out there and do it.

    The swerve and braking test (Exercise 2 in the below webpage) is there to test your reactions, not how you can out think the lights so don't try and predict it (unless its the last of the 4 passes then you know for sure what you have to do). And the corner isn't a problem...you are better to take it easy and not cross a line then you are to rush through it.

    Its only a test, we aren't playing for sheep stations, so relax have fun and show your classmates how its done!

  8. Well there's one secret that didn't last long!

    Goodonya Lids - tells us the when and where and we'll have a guard of honor waiting at the gate.
  9. Seems a bit harsh :?:
  10. we will have some cones set up for you at coffee lids , do worry about us smoking them while your doing it thou :wink: :LOL:

    good luck hope all goes well .
  11. It's not as if they're asking us to stunt. Fair call, I think - if they can't keep it upright doing a few simple maneuvers on a nice and predictable CB250 they're probably not going to have much luck in rush hour.

    (that said I'll probably stack it when I do mine on the 23rd)
  12. Go for it Lids, I got mine......and everybody rides better than me.... :p
  13. YAY FOR LIDS :)

  14. Well i finally booked myself (and a mate) in for the 22nd (next Friday) at MTA. I know i really should've booked myself in sooner... as now its just gonna be even longer before i can upgrade.

    My theory of i'll keep this bike till it stops spooking me is staying true at the moment, although my riding style has settled down quite a bit now so the spooks happen less often.

    I'm rather keen to do a bit more training as i'm having a bit of trouble getting my pegs scraping at the moment. Might have something to do with the fact that i lost (read: snapped off whilst cranked over) the little knobbys that go under the pegs.

    PS. For everyone going for their P's in the next week or so; Good Luck but im sure you won't need it! :D With all the advice i've picked up from all the Netrider group rides... i'm sure we'll breeze it in.
  15. Y'all be fine, I'm telling ya! Good luck tho, regardless!

    At least you won't need to worry about your 'L' plate falling off now, Koma! ;)
  16. :p Just after i ACTUALLY went out and bought a pair!
    Ah well, lemme do that math.

    Time spent on L's: 7 months. Time spent with plate on: 5 weeks.
    So that works out to about 16% of my riding with a plate on, and i got stopped once! I bet if i hadnt have been out riding somewhere i usually dont (near Monash Clayton) then i wouldn't have been pulled at all!

    Ah well, yeah... ritualistis L plate burning ceremony at Coffee Night next friday. :D
  17. Good luck with the test - If I can pass, anyone can. :)

    It isn't that hard at all, just relax as you can afford to lose 40 points which means that you do not have to do the tests perfectly.
  18. You'll be fine chick..Don't be nervous and keep practicing till the day you go and you'll do great :D :D
  19. Good luck mate but I don't think you'll need it.

    Maybe we can chain your dad to the garage for the day..... :p
  20. Hope all goes well.

    Sure it will