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QLD Licensing requirements for "mature age" rider in QLD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by grfxninja, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. (Sorry if this is not the right section of the site for this - please move accordingly if required)

    Hi all,
    I'll be moving to QLD shortly for work and am just wondering on the process involved for licensing.

    I currently hold a NSW Learners permit for a bike. All told, I have had this for roughly 2 1/2 years (renewed a couple of times - long story).

    I am well past point where I need to move up to my P's and I was looking at the QLD Transport site and saw there were 2 classes of license - RE and R.
    My understanding is the RE is a restricted license, even if it is an "open", meaning that the bike is limited to LAMS, whereas the R class is fully unrestricted.

    So as far as I can tell, I would need to go onto an RE license. According to the site, if I do the Q-Ride training, I don't need to hold the RE license for more than 6 months? Or does this not apply seeing as I've had the Learners so long anyway?

    I guess what I am trying to get at is what is the shortest road to an open License in QLD and are there any exemptions for my age (36)
    Also: Would I be better off getting my P's in NSW first, or just doing it all in QLD?

    Sorry for all the blabbering, I'm hungover and having trouble understanding what the go is by the QT website…

  2. In short, there are no longer any exemptions for your age. The sooner you get your RE and start the 12-month wait the better.

    I'm not really sure how Qld Transport would treat you if you showed up at the door asking to do the practical test for your open RE with a NSW learners. It might be better to get your LAMS test done before you leave NSW and then swap for a Qld licence with RE once you arrive.

    So, to clarify, two best options:
    - test in NSW, move, swap for Qld licence, wait, Q-ride, freedom
    - move, swap for Qld licence, Q-ride, wait, Q-ride, freedom
    (where wait means you can only ride LAMS bikes for a year)
  3. I'd be doing the MOST before you move if you can get in.It'll probably be cheaper to begin with.
    The worst situation would be a transfer of your L's and Rego straight to Qld without any further test. You might end up needing a supervising rider.There may also be the question - Can you do Qride on a NSW L Plate or do you need to transfer it to a Qld L Plate (with supervising rider restriction) first? My guess is that you'd need to transfer your existing license within the prescribed time limit.

    Head up there on your P's if you can. Life would be easier.
  4. If you have a learners, then you do a Q-Ride to get an RE class. After 12 months on RE, you do another Q-Ride and you get an R Class.

    To get a learners in qld, its 10 questions in the Queensland Transport office, then i think 6 weeks later you can get your RE. It might even be straight away, not sure.
  5. I think you only need to have a qld learners permit for one day before you can do q ride
  6. Well, assuming you transferred to a QLD Bike learner's permit and an open car licence:

    • You could do Q-Ride the day following.
    • You would then be on an open class RE (LAMS) with some restrictions for the first 12 months (0% BAC, no pillion, no learning on class R).
    • After those 12 months, those restrictions are lifted and you can go for Q-Ride again to get an open class R licence.
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  7. Thanks for the info guys.
    What is the difference between a lerners RE and an open RE class license?
  8. Learners permit you need to display L plates and ride with another rider with at least 12 months on their open R licence

    Open RE means you are licensed to ride any bike on the lams list, but because it's an open licence you don't have to display P plates
  9. So if I was to do the MOST test before I went to QLD, would the above process be pretty much the same (assuming I pass the MOST test that is).

    So for example, Let’s say I go and do the MOST this week, then move to QLD in a month’s time and transfer my license to QLD, I would then go to an open RE license in QLD?
    Or would I still need to do the QRide thing when I get there?

    Just don’t want to have to do 2 “tests” if I don’t need to (which would hopefully save me some cash).

    And on the flip side, when I return to NSW within a year (I think I’ll be up there for around 7-9 months), what is the NSW version of an Open RE License? P1? 2?

    Thanks for the help so far guys. I think it really sucks that they have dropped the age exemption thing. I’ve had an open car license for 18 years (or thereabouts) so you would think that counts for something (I realise riding is different to driving, but I still think it sucks…)
  10. Thanks for that. What’s to stop someone riding an R class bike on their Open RE license?
    I realise there is a high chance of being pulled over for something or other, but if you don’t have P plates on, how are they to know (unless they actually pull you over)?

    For example, Let’s say I have an open RE license but I’m riding an 800cc Bike. I’m just cruising down the road and go past a cop. Looks at me, looks at the bike. Sees that I’m behaving myself and let’s me on my merry way without bothering to pull me over. Yet the whole time, I’m breaking the law by riding a non-LAMS bike on a restricted license
    Just seems odd to me…
  11. Well, nothing really. Except for the fact that if you get stopped for anything, even a RBT, you'll get stung for riding without a licence. You won't be able to have insurance either.
  12. There is really no NSW version of an Open RE because in NSW the restricted licenses need to display P plates. Open RE is open with respect to everything except the capacity of the bike that can be ridden. In NSW when you get off your P's the license if "fully" open in that you can ride non-LAMS bikes.

    I'd think that on returning to NSW you'd be exempt from Green P's so you'd have 3 to 5 months on Red P's and then go straight to open. I'd hope they wouldn't try to put you on Red P's for a full year. Best to call and check.

    You'll definitely get the exemption from Green P's when back in NSW.

    It's no wonder many just don't change their licenses due to how confusing it can be and the differences from State to State. You've got 3 months in Qld to change the license over. You're only there for 7-9 months. Resident or visitor? Would you travel back "home" to your primary residence in NSW (which could be a family address) every 3 months?
    The hassle would be that you'd need to ride in Qld according to your NSW Red P restrictions which means 90 km/h restricted and nobody in Qld expects a P Plater to drive below the speed limit. Change it over.