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NSW Licensing query

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by caz64, May 12, 2013.

  1. Hi folks
    Have only just joined up and I have a question.
    My partner let his license lapse many years ago. This year he decided he better go and get his Ls and get a full license (again). I have searched the RTA site to no avail and cannot find what I am looking for. He was told that because he had held a full motorbike license and a full car license that there are no restrictions on the size of bike he can ride legally on his Ls? Does anyone know if this is true?
    As I said, I have searched the use RTA site to no avail.......
    I will try and search again but hold out no hope o_O
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm in the ACT and I had a license until 1984. I thought I had paid it but didn't get a new license ( this was in the days of separate bike and car licenses) and forgot all about it. When I moved to the ACT my partner said get a bike it's easier to get around on and so I went to find out what was required. I was told that I would have to sit for my L's and then do the P course, which I did, but because I was over 55 I could ride the bike without having P plates on it and could travel at the regular speed limit. At the end of one year I would be able to get any capacity of bike and that was it. Hope this helps.
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  3. Carolyn,

    Has the RMS (new name for RTA) given a learners licence to your husband without going through the Pre-Learner course. I need to know more information to interpret what is going on. All advice from other jurisdictions are relevant to those jurisdictions and have no bearing or relevance to NSW.

    Notwithstanding the aforementioned a "Learners Licence" in NSW is restricted to a LAMS bike. Pure and simple. What they require him to do to move on and restrictions thereafter can vary. More data please.
  4. It's good to quote links but it's also good to know more facts. As a NSW Testing Officer I know the RMS has given some "old farts" a learners and sent them along to do the "skills test" (M.O.S.T.) and if they are successful will move them directly to a full licence without going through the stages. That is why I asked for more information but in any case the learners will not give an entitlement to anything but a LAMS bike.
  5. Hi again
    thanks for the replies.
    Yes psycho11 he has his Ls and knows he has to do "skills test". Was just wondering about the LAMS bike size..
    Thanks for that
  6. Well if they have sent him to do the "skills test" only then it will still be on a bike that he is licenced to ride. So with a "learners Licence" that will be a LAMS bike. These are usually just hired from the provider and if his skills are up to scratch this is not a problem and upon completion the RMS reissue a full licence.

    Regrettably a number of people placed in this situation do not have the skills they think that they have. A little assessment and tuition does not go astray. Where about in NSW are you?
  7. NSW here....
    Like I said, he got his Ls just has to book in for his skills test and he goes onto a full license. I just wasn't sure regarding size of bike on his Ls...but obviously it is LAMS which he is riding atm.
    He was told because of his age and holding a full bike license before that maybe the LAMS didn't affect him, but obviously it does.
  8. I went through the same scenario as your husband... RMS managed to lose the fact I was fully licensed and had to go through LAMs (L's for 3 months and P1's for 12 months only). The people at HART said that my story wasn't uncommon when I did the MOST.
  9. I think what they meant was that he wouldn't be subjected to the LAMS once he passed the test. Not to mention he wouldn't have to wait 3 months before being eligible to do the test.
  10. In Vic you can apply to be exempt for restricted bike under certain circumstances.. Such as "held a full bike license overseas etc" Maybe you might be able to do this in NSW as well??
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    Previously in NSW, if you got your L's, then once you passed your P's test you would go straight to a full licence if you were an older rider (age 30+ ???) and had your full car licence. Because you were on a full licence, you could ride any size bike.

    This rule changed in the last few years though. Currently, if you get your L's, once you pass your P's test you must go at least on P1 for 12 months if you are over 25 and have a full drivers licence. (otherwise it's at least 3 years of P's).

    Sometimes if you let a licence lapse you can get it renewed again by talking to the RTA but I have no idea what the time frame is for that. I doubt it is decades for example, maybe if it was only a year or two (I know of one case where it was a year).

    The size of the bike is a component of the licence level. If he is on L's or P's he must ride a LAMS bike.

    Don't let the sales people tell you otherwise ;) NB: I say this because the Hart rider training assessors tell stories about people arriving for tests and lessons on unapproved bikes because the sales people told them they were ok.
  12. That's the story they tell the trainer. Oh and what about the one "my L plate fell off on the way here". Give them an L plate for the course and when they are finished and leaving the car park, would you believe it, the L plate magically finds itself left behind.