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Licensing Information

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ShaneEzx2r, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and girls

    Just a quick question in regards to my learner permit. I originally got it a few years back now and i let it run out without getting my full licence. So i called up Vicraods and got them to extend my licence once more and ended up letting that run out and not get full licence, jsut due to work commitments etc.

    It has been nearly 8 months since it has run out and im just wondering if i have to sit my licence test again, or if its jsut a case of ringing up and getting a renewal. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I think you can only re-new it once.
    After that you need to re-sit the learners course.
  3. step 1: pick up phone
    step 2: call and ask.

    alternative step 1: send them an email.
  4. Wow! That was helpful........... :roll:

    I'm pretty certain that you are back at square one mate, no procrastinating this time, do it!

    Oh and, welcome! :grin:
  5. and this postulating of yours is more useful?

    edit for comment below: you are going to have to contact them anyway it turns out (either to have it renewed or to apply for a new course). Putting the question to a bunch of internet warriors is both lazy and pointless.

    Welcome to the site.
  6. Oh jeez thanks bonox.

    I only thought while i was here id ask. Ill give them a call. Im pretty sure you can only renew it once. Just checking.

    Thanks guys.
  7. You must hold some sort of record then dude, 910 posts and you've never asked a question on netrider that you could have found the answer to elsewhere?
  8. why don't you go and have a search before casting stones. Questions about licensing are like those about loans, taxation and all sorts of other interesting little legal questions: if it doesn't come from the horses mouth, it doesn't mean sh!t. Besides, he has to contact them anyway - unlike someone who wants to know what the impression of others are to a bike shop for example. You didn't answer his question any better than I did, so get off ya big horse - your post was as equally pointless as mine, except that mine had a usable future in it for the OP.
  9. Ok all done. close thread. Got info needed.
  10. First, no stone was cast, a question was raised, again, which you failed to answer with anything useful.

    Why does he need to contact VicRoads? If he knows he has to book in for his licence (which he does, as this is what we have told him) he rings the licence school and books himself in. Now up there in Sidenee you might have to do it that way, which makes your post even more useless, as you don't even know how it operates here in Victoria.

    Oh I just got it!.......................

    It's Friday! Don't worry, 5 more hours and it's all over :p
  11. Its all good, i will call the MTA in dandenong this arvo and try and book in for next week. Then get the old ZX2R and give it a clean, get it re registered and im off riding again in summer. And this time, n ogetting lazy and not getting P's.
  12. [quote="triway as you don't even know how it operates here in Victoria.

    *puts expired victorian license in bin*

    Up here in the advanced land above mexico, we have this thing called telephone forwarding, which means that once you have found out you can be put through to the other group if needs be and, here is the exciting bit, you don't even have to pay for another phone call!
  13. Who cares! That's NOT how VicRoads work, and that's all that matters ](*,)

    Calling VicRoads you'd be lucky if they can transfer you to another office! :roll:
  14. Woah! He's pulled out the bold! :LOL:

    Who would have thought a simple learners permit question could invoke such emotions.
  15. Yes, down here in Mexico where we haven't yet got this contraption you call a "telephone", we are forced to used carrier pigeons, and Vicroads will simply not forward on our pigeons to any other office as it takes at least three forms to be filled out and transit insurance taken out on the pigeon in case it gets lost on the way and they become liable for our livestock. Damn I wish I lived in a more progressive state *sigh*
  16. Bwahahaha... Carrier pidgeons.

    Lighten up people.
  17. Who would have thought my first post would create such a stir.
  18. I can't wait for your second. :LOL: