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Licensing and P's test (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by huzey, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys.

    Time has come soon for my to get my P's, however, I have no bike. I had a accident during my L's and lost 3 points of my green P's license (7 points.

    1) What will happen to my license when I get it? Not really sure about the relationship between bike and car P's.

    2) Can I do my P's test on my scooter and just get on a bike after? I have a scooter in the garage somewhere..

    3) If I did my license on a scooter, and wasn't able to ride a bike, when it's time to get my fulls, can I go straight to a big bike?

    4) If I need to hire a bike for my P's, I will, can anyone recomend one? (My only concern is the 6.1M u turn....I couldnt do it on my CBR easily....)

  2. If you have to rent one get the Cb250.

  3. ok now here is the grey area and i am not sure whether or not it is true but you will have to call the rta and find out whether you are actually elligable to go for your p's for the bike, i was told by stay up right that if you lost enough points in your car your L's cause be suspended and i think your only get 3 points for your L's...

    if this is the case you wont be able to sit the p's test and will have to start it all again, but as i said call the rta and ask them