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Licensed, Excited and Taking CASH to look at bike tonight!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulie, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Hey all!

    I completed the pre learner course yesterday and did the theiry crap today and passed, found a bike I have been following for a while and rang the guy today and asked how negotiable he is and he gave me a well below market figure! So I'm going out tonight to check it out with my mate who is a mechanic and rides bikes, taking cash so hopefully I'll be riding home on it tonight!!!!!

    ALSO!!! I went to Action Bikes at Parramatta today to look at gear and I walked away with a brand new helmet RRP $449 for $140 dollars and some gloved which are $149 on the shelf marked down to $69 because they had too many white and green ones cause nobody likes the colour!!!!!! So for $209 I got a kick ass helmet and gloves!!!!!! BARGAIN SHOPPING!!! If anyone in sydney is after a helmet i strongly advise you go there straight away they are having the BIGGEST helmet clearance I couldnt believe it!

    So wish me luck tonight everyone! IF i take the bike i have to ride it about 30kms to get it home in the dark and the only riding I have ever done was at the learner course yesterdaY!!! I'm a little worried but so damn excited!!!!


    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Congrats and luck :)
  3. well done mate,make sure u keep money for the a good helmet,jacket etc
  4. Thanks dude!

  5. Good work Paulie!!! and thanks for sharing where the bargins are.
  6. Good luck tonight and congrats on the license :D:D:D:D
    ... although please remember that the 'crap' they tought you today might just save your life tomorrow ;)
  7. Good job on the helmet and gloves, I don't think i'll see that sort of bargain come my way :(
  8. So paulie - did you get the bike and make it home in one piece?

    Details please!
  9. Paulie - what bike is it you're chasing ?
  10. So Paulie, did you get the bike & how was your first ride? You'll remember that one for the rest of your life!
  11. How good is that feeling!
  12. Fantastic !!! Bargain helmet and gloves, hopefully a bargain bike. You must be over the moon. :D

    We should have a spotters site here on Netrider. If anyone comes across any real bargains in their shopping, to share it with everyone. :D
  13. while we are all waiting in suspense, how about I hijack the thread for a sec (sorry paulie)

    i'm in a situation where I will probably have to ride my bike home after I handed over the cash...is going straight onto public roads, in order to get the bike home a good idea? should I get my old man to do it since he has 20 years of riding experience instead?

    how did you guys get your first bike home straight after getting your L's ?
  14. I paid the the bike shop a delivery fee of $60 which I am glad I did.

    There was no way I was ready to ride on the roads as the only riding experience I had was the training during the L's test (2 day course) which I had done a month before.
  15. Shovehead, I was a in similar situation. If you can't get your old man to ride your bike home, ask the guy if he will ride it over. I did that cause my mechanic friend was too busy. I returned the favour and drove the guy home.

    :D :D
  16. i chucked myself in the deep end. jumped straight on the bandit and rode it home :D i was a bit shaky for the first 5 mins but it was awesome fun after that. hitting 100kph on a naked bike for the first time is a rush i'll never forget :twisted:
  17. SORRY GUYS!!!! I kinda started another post about the new bike!!!!!!

    I didnt buy that bike. it was a gpx250, the guy wanted $2,500 for it.. it was a piece of crap! it had been dropped a few times, there were angle grinder marks on the frame, it only had one banged up exhaust pipe, the battery looked about 20 years old, the bike was a 99 model yet he had swapped the tail lights for some imported ones, changed the indicator arms for older ones because he 'didn;t like the 99 model ones' (Apparently there were a few slight changed over the years). And to top things off he had cable ties holding the dash/instruments in!!!!! and he'd messed with the gearing to make the bike take off quicker at the lights!

    So anways, we waved goodbye to that bike and I picked up a much much better example. Its a 1989 kawasaki GPX250R (import) complied in 1995. 50,000kms on the clock, custom toffee apple red and purple paint, new everything, and regoed to february!! The only problem with it is that it has some rust in the bottom of the fuel tank and its almost leaking (Touch the patch and you can smell petrol) so I'm gonna get a liner kit from a bike shop.....

    I've been fanging in all around my local area all weekend! I love it so much and it sounds so beefy! i went to the local tyre place to ask how much pressure i should be running in the tyres and one of the men who work there came out and started talkin to me cause he had a gpx aswell, he said mine looks really good and sounds very healthy! I'm so excited!!! Cant wait till i can ride good! though I have been getting better over the weekend and havent stalled it yet! YAY!

    I'm scared to fix the tank because it will mean I won't be able to ride for a few days!?