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License Test Passed Today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crusey, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Thanks to the HART boys (Mars and Glenn) out at Somerton for an enjoyable day

    They did a great job in getting everyone well prepared for the test (even the lady who attended in high heel leather boots ???)

    I picked up some very handy riding tips above and beyond the scope of the full day course

    Only had 1 day left on my Learners permit due to being a slack bugger !

  2. Congrads mate, now 12 months and you can ride whatever you like

  3. pics, or she wasnt there :)
  4. Congratulations, thats a big one to get through. Happy riding!
  5. Haha.. Mars did my license test too, but i think he had a hangover... he wasn't a happy chap in the morning. Still a great bloke though and passed me :D (Back in Jan)
  6. I had a fond memory on my learners with those guys where we were split in two groups of 10 people. The other group had nearly completed the test and my group was on to the last person. Then it started pissing down and the other group started rushing back and I followed suit to avoid getting wet. later on my 2 mates that were still there told me that he was screaming and yelling for me to come back but I was too ecstatic that I had passed and didn't notice it.

    I'll be going for my license test in the near future to Hart Somerton.

    crusey did you find any part of the test difficult? Any recommendations you can give me?
  7. I did my Ls course at HART Kilsyth with Mars. Top bloke.
  8. Test was far too easy I thought, a couple look like they were having trouble through the day but they even passed it

    Nothing to worry about if you have been riding for a few months

    Added stuff they threw in on the day made the full day course very worthwhile

  9. Hehe congrats, passed mine today too at Adamstown, NSW.
    Had a little struggle with the cones to start with but found my groove. Passed all good ;).
  10. mars was the other groups instructor when i did my l's , almost like a good cop/ bad cop thing they had going as mars was the one who was showing everyone what not to do . going to get my p;s with them when i can get off my ass . Congrats as well mate