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NSW License = gone ? (added prefix for the STATE so you get the right advice)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dekkar, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all...... I have a situation that I wanted to get some opinions on....

    Last weekend I was riding thru Ultimo (wattle St) when I got flashed going past the big intersection.

    I instantly looked down, seeing I was going around 55 or so. So I presume the speed limit there is now 50?

    Anyways.... At the time I was on my Ps (over 30, so the 1 year P version....) fearing I would loose my lic. I went in the next day, and got my new full license, as I have been eligible for the past week.

    Now that I have my full..... do you think I will lose it?

    I'm kida disappointed I got done in that spot, as I've driven that road for 15 years and never noticed it a 50 zone!!

  2. Given you're in NSW, I thought you were allowed 1 pointers on your P's? A 3 pointer is a disqualification. I may be wrong there though so don't quote it. At any rate if you do lose your license, it'll be backdated and you will lose your full license as a result. Sucks.
  3. When you are on your P's a 1 pointer is worth 4 points. Not sure if this applys to the op though as you are on your restricted unrestricted license and not on your P's the offence might be only worth a point.
  4. I'll quote it. In NSW 4 points on Red P and 4 points for any speeding offense.

    OP: Not sure what will happen. You might not even get a notice for this. If you do then you'll probably just get the points (for under 10 over and not the full 4 pts as if on your P) carried over to you full license. I can;t see how they can give you 4 pts off your red P when you don't have that license.

    I think it's just a waiting game.
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  5. your forgetting something else....l's n p's commit any speeding offence = license suspension.
  6. Kinda. Not directly though. It's 4 points for any speeding offense which results in suspension since threshold on Red P and L is 4 pts. L and P can also contest any pts suspension sine they don't have the option of 1 year "good behaviour" which I reckon just eats into Court time. Give them another option I reckon.

    Personally I reckon over 25 with full car license going to Red P after L is a joke. It should be Green P (with 7 point threshold) or a system like Vic with a full license but 1 year of restrictions. These lowered pts max for P's was introduced because, supposedly, under 25 brains are not fully developed and under 25 is a higher risk category but it ends up with those over 25 with a car license getting the same pts restriction - although only for a year.

    [/End of Rants]
  7. Lol but if we can't survive without losing points then aren't we just as hopeless as the under 25's?
  8. Would apply to everyone then hey. They upped the max on opens to 13. Some people seem to just hang in there close to the max pts.
  9. It is just an idiot tax for those that were not smart enough to get their bike licence earler.
  10. First off. How accurate is your speedo? 55 on mine is actually 50, so it could be a flash for another vehicle. Was anyone passing you at the time?

    If you do get a letter, apply for a written warning and see how you go.
  11. A good RL troll is to stand along speed cameras and take pics of vehicles with your flash on. This is probably what happened.
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  12. I think you'll be fine. The demerits will accrue on your unrestricted license.
  13. I hope I'm wrong but..... I doubt the above... ^^^

    what with computer systems and reams and reams of bluddy paper + bureaucrats pushing pencils as such, methinks you are going to be hit with a fine on the license that was in force at the time........ 'P's

    Regardless of whether you were eligible or otherwise.... the license in force was a 'Provisional'..........would suggest this is going to require you to bow down and lick the boots of whomever... whilst attaching a very humble letter to said fine asking for mercy....
    Surprising that you got nailed for 5k's though mate.......this isnt Victoria:confused:
  14. Thx for all the replies....

    The flash was def mine... it was 1am and there was no one else around.... There was only one flash, which at first I was expecting 2.... but I think thats only for red lights..... It kinda hurts that a 4 lane, one way street has a 50 speed limit.

    The only other speeding fine I have had was years ago driving thru the deserted cross city tunnel at 4am when I got done for doing 60 when it was supposed to be 40..... So I'm no pro on the subject!

    Either way, its been over a week now and I haven't got the letter...... I thought they were pretty quick at getting those out!
  15. If your speedo shows 55 it means you travel at about 50, that's how 90% of them set up.
    Stationary speed camera in turn is set to shoot at speed limit + 9km/h , 59 in your case (unconfirmed but seems true)
    There's no way you get a letter