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VIC License for track days

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by minglis, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. This may be a silly question, but...

    what are the legalities of licensing for track days. i.e, can you ride a track day WITHOUT a license? Do LAMS restrictions apply? I know that you aren't covered for insurance, so, that's not an issue anyway, and presumably it's private property, which is why speed limits etc don't apply.
  2. They will need you to be licenced for the bike you will be riding for their own insurance purposes.
  3. OK. Thanks.
  4. How do all the youngsters ride at Broadford. They don't have licenses. Curious.
  5. They'd have to have a cams licence I'm guessin?

    Still a licence for the bike you are riding one way or the other.
  6. For club events I believe you can race/ride with a MA licence, which is how the kids do it.

    For any of the ride days run by MEGA ie Phillip Island, Eastern Creek you need road licence, at least P's. For Champions you need road licence and MA licence (you can buy a day licence for $20).
  7. Are you sure? I know a few guys who do track days because they have lost their licence.
  8. As did I, I attended heap of trakdaze when I was without a licence.
    All you have to do is produce a licence to the trackday providor, they only ever checked that it had not expired, never if it was valid or had been cancelled/ suspended
  9. How about LAMS then? If someone on restrictions turn up with a non LAMS bike, will they be denied?
  10. I actually hired the GSXR600's at PI while on P's... no problem..

  11. I think I was on restrictions back then... a couple of years ago though, they must have updated thier policy since.. You got me thinkin now...
  12. MV or club practice days mean you have to have a MA licence. usually with champs/PI its having to have the right licence.

    its better off to do MV practice days though, you dont get all the heroes you normally get at track days. and cheaper. unless you just go there for a ride and to watch lolz. then you do normal ones.
  13. OK, next question: does MV = Motorcycle Victoria? what does MA mean?
  14. MV is motorcycling victoria. MA is motorcycling australia.

    MV host practice days at broadford around 2 or 3 times a month. not many numbers so you get great track time. you can just have a day licence (around $20) to do the track days. it works out around $50 or $80 less than champions when you count in what you get as in track time and cheaper price overall.
  15. Second that!! , CRD's are good but get very very silly ...