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License Day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slade, May 6, 2007.

  1. Well finally made it to license day :LOL:

    Off I toddled to shep at 6am so I would arrive on time. Sadly not on the bike as its less then ridable atm (again)
    Was a fullday today, chose to get in a bit of riding to get used to the bike, and ofcause to know exactly what was going on.

    5 guys, 4 on Yamaha XT's and 1 Fella on his Honda VTR-F
    1 Lady on a Yamaha Scooter
    All was going well, every1 riding rather well, although 1 guy was a little cocky, not having road a dirtbike in a while he started off slow, then by lunch time was leaning the bike so far over he could of kissed the ground. Meanwhile wearing a nice flatspot on his boots , now knowing why his boots have sliders on them :eek:


    Then it happened, He kissed the ground :LOL:
    Guess it was lucky this certain lad was wearing his protective gear and only suffered a small rip in his gloves/jacket and a tiny skin removal.


    Quickly onto his feet, picking the bike up, the trainer attends to him, noticing he has broken their bike for them :LOL: but still ridable (missing half a brake leaver) and a few extra scratches.

    So as it seems, this fella passed his license test as did all overs that attended the day. It was a great success, and I now am glad I took my gear with me. That tiny little scuff could of been right up my arm :eek:

    btw this crash was at or under 20km/h , so I cant imagine what would happen to a squider if they dropped their bike on the bitumen and went for a slide

  2. Don't even bother trying. they think think they're invincible and won't be told.
    Anyway youtube would be boring without them :LOL: